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Paper bag pack of 5/u. AMC-S5EP
Re-usable cloth bag AMC899KGU000


01. Control panel AMC8M01V3039
02. Potentiometer button AMC8E17V1039
03. Tapping screw XTN4+18B
04. Exhaust cover AMC8T07V1079
05. Exhaust felt AMC8T10V3000
06. Rear filter AMC8T09V1000
07. Rear cover AMC8T06V1039
08. Upper body assy AMC8C97V1079
09. Tapping screw XTN4+18B
10. Handle AMC8T57V1079
11. Dust cover AMC8T01V1079
12. Indicator cover AMC8I17V1039
13. Tapping screw XTN4+18B
14. Dust cover seal AMC8T04V10G0
15. Suction inlet AMC8T11V10G0
16. Valve unit AMC8I97V1000
17. Dust bag seal AMC850KQA000
18. Lower body assy AMC8C99V10G0
19. Wheel AMC8R01V10G0
20. Caster AMC8R99V10G0
21. Lower body felt AMC8T49V3000
22. Paper bag clamp AMC823KLE000
23. Paper bag clamp spring AMC8F30E1000
24. Central filter AMC8F03V1000
25. Motor SDS-1303 HS AMC81SD03H50
26. Carbon brush AMC982000911
27. Front motor support AMC802FNL000
28. Motor cover AMC8E10V1000
29. Rear motor support AMC8E09V1000
30. Tapping screw (Taptite) XTN4+10E
31. Thermal cut-out AMC8E1401200
32. Power control unit AMC8E91V1000
33. Potentiometer button supplement AMC8E21V1000
34. Cord reel unit AMC8P88V1000
35. Cord reel unit AMC8P97V1000
36. Cord reel support unit AMC8P91V1000
37. Brake lever unit AMC8P96V1039
38. Brake lever spring AMC8P22V1000
39. Paper bag pack of 5/u. AMC-S5EP
40. Re-usable cloth bag AMC899KGU000


01. Hose unit AMC8A92V3034
02. Hose AMC8A01K0034
03. Connecting pipe unit AMC8A9325034
04. Curved tube unit AMC8A94P1034
05. Hose holder AMC8A1125034
06. Accessory support AMC8A73T1034
07. Crevice nozzle AMC8A13P1034
08. Extension wand (Plastic) AMC8A85E1034
09. Telescopic wand AMC8A85P3100
10. Floor nozzle AMC8A99T1034
11. Floor nozzle cover AMC8A90T1034
12. Floor nozzle brush AMC8A89D1000
13. Floor nozzle base plate AMC8A39D1000
14. Floor nozzle spring AMC8A36D1000
15. Floor nozzle linen retake AMC8A41D1000
16. Floor nozzle screw XTN35+25BFY
17. Floor nozzle screw XTN35+14BFY
18. Floor nozzle hook AMC8C25V1034
18. Floor nozzle hook AMC8C25V3034

-xx. = Not shown on schematic.

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Panasonic Paper Bag Pack Of 5/U.
Panasonic Paper Bag Pack Of 5/U. #AMC-S5EP
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