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Vapamore Primo Steam Cleaner Model: MR-75 Add to My Models



1. Measuring Cup MR75_001
2. Steam Hose With Connector MR75_002
3. Accessory Tool Adapter MR75_003
4. Scraper Tool MR75_004
5. Jet Nozzle Attachment MR75_005
6. Nylon Straight Line Brush MR75_006
7. Nylon Grout Brush MR75_007
8. Small Nylon Brush MR75_008
9. Large Nylon Brush MR75_009
10. Small Brash Brush MR75_010
11. Large Brass Brush MR75_011
12. Large Stainless Brush MR75_012
13. Fabric/Smooth Surface Squeegee Tool MR75_013
14. Cotton Cover MR75_014
15. Carrying Case MR75_015
16. Velcro Cord Strap MR75_016