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Sebo Vacuums are one of the most innovative lines we carry at These full featured, state-of-the-art machines are packed with power, ease-of-use, and bells and whistles you will not find on other vacuum systems. Starting as a commercial vacuum company, they have brought commercial cleaning power to the home as well with their upright and canister machines. If you need help with your Sebo Vacuum, need parts, have troubles, just contact and we'd be happy to assist you.

Sebo is a German company started in 1977 by two engineers Klaus Stein and Heinz Kaulig. From humbling beginnings in an abandoned Weaving Factory, to leading innovators in commercial and personal vacuuming machines with the power of innovation. In 1991 Sebo made their leap into domestic cleaning machines with their Automatic X1 upright vacuum cleaner. Sebo machines are popular not only due to their innovation and features not found in other machines, but because they are very easy for the owner to work on, unclog, and fix themselves, instead of relying on a service center or vacuum shop.