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Ridgid ACO2RB1

Ridgid ACO2RB1
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Ridgid ACO2RB1

1. Riser Block Assembly RG-089030001701
2. Riser Block RG-089030001566
3. Pin RG-089030001567
4. Rear Blade Guard (R474) RG-089030005195
5. Guide Post (R474) RG-089030005196
6. Upper Blade Guard Assembly RG-089030001702
7. Stationary Upper Blade Guard (BS1400 or BS14002) RG-089030001570
8. Adjustable Upper Blade Guard (BS1400 or BS14002) RG-089030001571
9. Screw (5/8-11 x 9 mm, Hex Hd.) RG-089030001576
10. Washer (M8 x M16 x 1.5t) RG-089030001573
11. Wing Nut (M8) RG-089030001574
12. Blade (1/2 in. x 105 mm x 6 tpi) RG-089030001575
13. Carriage Bolt (M8 x 16 mm) RG-089030001572
14. Washer RG-089030005240
15. Hex Nut (5/8) RG-089030001578
16. Extension Cord (6 in.) (R474) RG-089030005199
17. Rear Blade Guard (BS1400 or BS14002) RG-089030001568
18. Guide Post (BS1400 or BS14002) RG-089030001569
19. Upper Blade Guard Assembly RG-089030005710
20. Stationary Upper Blade Guard (R474) RG-089030005197
21. Adjustable Upper Blade Guard (R474) RG-089030005198
22. Hex Key (M3) RG-089030005201
23. No Hands Label RG-089030005911
24. Operatorâ„¢s Manual RG-987000356
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Ridgid Key Hex M3 #RG-089030005201 Ridgid Label No Hands #RG-089030005911
Ridgid Key Hex M3 #RG-089030005201
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Ridgid Label No Hands #RG-089030005911
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