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Raypak 153 & 153A
Model: Versa 153 (12/1/81-1/1/84) & 153A (1/1/84-2/15/87) Add to My Gear

Raypak 153 & 153A

2b. Burner Hold Down, Raypak 153/155A 001991F
3b. Burner Assy, Raypak 53/53A/53B/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A 301210
4b. Burner Orifice,Raypak Gemini/Versa/Rp2100/Cal Iii,#51,Ng,Sl 350080
4b. Burner Orifice, Raypak Gemini/Versa/Rp2100/Cal Iii, Lp., Sl 350083
1c. T-Stat Auto Reset 13, Raypak 105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 600892B
2c. T-Stat Auto Reset 14, Raypak 105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 600893B
3c. Thermostat,Raypak Els/53/105A/105B/153/155A/183A/185B/Rp2100 003346F
1g. Gas Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153, Nat., Mv 003898F
1g. Gas Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153, Lp., Mv 003899F
1g. Gas Valve, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A, Nat., Iid 003900F
2h. Inlet/Outlet Header, Raypak 153A/155A, Bronze 002434F
2h. Inlet/Outlet Header, Raypak 153A/155A, Cast Iron 002435F
3h. Return Header, Raypak 151/153/155A 002437F
4h. Tube Bundle, Raypak 151/153/155A 002439F
6h. Baffle, Raypak 151/153 004055F
6h. Baffle, Raypak 153/155A 002000F
7h. Bolt Kit, Raypak 151/153/155A Heat Exchanger 001056F
8h. Heat Exchanger Gasket, Raypak 151/153/155A 800075B
9h. Unitherm Governor, Raypak 151/153/155A 053242B
10h. Drain Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 013793F
11h. Bulb Well, Raypak 53/53A/55A/151/153/155A/183A 007211F
13h. Flange, Raypak 53/53A/55A/153/155A/183A/185, In/Out 002432F
14h. Gasket, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151,Flange,1-9/16"Id,2-1/8"Od 800013B
xx. Sensor Clip, Raypak Els/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 300203
2j. Transformer, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/185A 005345F
3j. Toggle Switch, Raypak Els/53A/151/153/155A/183A/185A, Spst 650761
3j. Toggle Switch, Raypak 153/183A, 15A/10A, Spdt 650553F
1m. Pressure Switch 3925,25A, Tecmark, Universal, Spno, W/Brass 3029P
2m. Pressure Switch Tube, Raypak 151/153/155A 003271F
3m. Thermostat Knob,Raypak 53/Els/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153,Blk 006885F
xx. Knob Stop, Raypak Els/53A/55A/105A/105B/153/155A/183A/185A 006886F
1p. Pilot, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A, Nat., Mv 600525B
1p. Pilot, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A, Lp, Mv 600575B
2p. Pilot, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, Nat./Lp,After 06/00 002003F
3p. Orifice, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, Nat., Mv 003901F
3p. Orifice, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, Lp, Mv 003902F
4p. Pilot Orifice, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A, Iid 003903F
5p. Thermocouple, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A, Mv 600019B
6p. Ignition Control, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/151/153, W/O Lock 004817B
7p. Lighter Tube, Raypak 151/153/155A/183A/185A Discontinued
8p. Pilot Bracket, Raypak 153/155A, Iid 006055F
9p. Lighter Tube, Raypak 151/153/155A/183A/185A, Mv 052797
10p. Aluminum Tubing, Raypak 53/151/153/183A 400275
11p. High Tension Wire, Raypak 151/153/155A 006088B
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Raypak Orifice 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A,LP,MV #003902F Raypak Pilot 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A/183A Nat MV #600525B
Raypak Orifice 53/53A/55A/105A/151/153/155A,LP,MV #003902F
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