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Raypak 105B
Model: Versa 105B Bronze & Cast Iron Heater (6/1/99-pres) Add to My Gear

Raypak 105B

2b. Burner Assy, Raypak 53/53A/53B/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A 301210
3b. Burner Orifice,Raypak Gemini/Versa/Rp2100/Cal Iii,#51,Ng,Sl 350080
3b. Burner Orifice, Raypak Gemini/Versa/Rp2100/Cal Iii, Lp, Sl 350350
1c. T-Stat Auto Reset 13, Raypak 105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 600892B
1c. Thermostat Auto Reset, Raypak 105B/185/R185A/R185B 006725F
2c. T-Stat Auto Reset 14, Raypak 105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 600893B
3c. Thermostat,Raypak Els/53/105A/105B/153/155A/183A/185B/Rp2100 003346F
1g. Gas Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153, Nat., Mv 003898F
1g. Gas Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153, Lp., Mv 003899F
1g. Gas Valve, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A, Nat., Iid 003900F
1g. Gas Valve, Raypak 55A/105A/105B/155A/185A/R185/185, Lp, Iid 004306F
2h. Inlet/Outlet Header, Raypak 105A, Cast Iron 004901F
2h. Inlet/Outlet Header, Raypak 105B, Cast Iron 006887F
3h. Return Header, Raypak 105A, Bronze 004902F
4h. Tube Bundle, Raypak 105A/105B 004903F
4h. Tube Bundle, Raypak 105B 006889F
5h. Tube Assy, Raypak 105B, Asme 003961F
6h. Baffle, Raypak 105B 003964F
7h. Bolt Kit, Raypak 105A/105B/155A Heat Exchanger 004889F
7h. Bolt Kit, Raypak 105B Heat Exchanger 006890F
8h. Gasket, Raypak 105A/105B/183A,Heat Exchanger,3/4"Id,1-1/8"Od 800014B
8h. Gasket, Raypak 105B, Heat Exchanger, 3/4"Id, 1-3/16"Od 006891F
9h. Unitherm Governor, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185A/R185/185/207A 062234B
10h. Unitherm Governor Spring, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185A/R185 013792F
11h. Bypass Valve, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185A/R185/207A/206A/R185 062235B
11h. Bypass Valve, Raypak 105Ab/185/R185A/R185B 006716F
12h. Bypass Spring, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185A/R185/207A/206A 850252
13h. Drain Valve, Raypak 53/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 013793F
14h. Sensor Well, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185A/R185/185/207A 003765F
15h. Sensor Clip, Raypak Els/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/183A 300203
16h. Flange Kit, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185A/R185/207A, In/Out 003766F
17h. Gasket, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185A,Flange,1-5/8"Id,2-5/8"Od 062236B
17h. Gasket, Raypak 105A/105B/155A/185,Flange,2-1/8"Id, 2-3/4"Od 800080B
1m. Pressure Switch, Raypak 105B/185/130A/207A/R185A, 1.75Psi 006737F
2m. Thermostat Knob,Raypak 53/Els/53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153,Blk 006885F
3m. Knob Stop, Raypak Els/53A/55A/105A/105B/153/155A/183A/185A 006886F
5m. Transformer, Raypak 53A/55A/105A/105B/151/153/155A/185A 005345F
6m. Rocker Switch, Raypak 105B/R185/185/R185A/R185B 006872F
10m. Thermal Cut-Off Fuse Kit, Raypak 55A/105B, 190 Degree 008126F
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Raypak Pressure Switch, 105B/185/130A/207A/R185A 1.75psi #006737F Raypak Tube Bundle, 105A/105B #004903F
Raypak Pressure Switch, 105B/185/130A/207A/R185A 1.75psi #006737F
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Raypak Tube Bundle, 105A/105B #004903F
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