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PowerStroke PSL1RT01

PowerStroke PSL1RT01
Model: PSL1RT01 PowerStroke Rotary Tool Add to My Models

PowerStroke PSL1RT01

1. Front Cap HM-39778005001
2. Collet Nut HM-39778001002
3. 1/8 In. Collet HM-39778001003
4. Motor Assembly HM-39778001018
5. Ball Bearing (698Z) HM-39778001031
6. Ball Bearing (626Z) HM-39778001033
7. Brush Assembly HM-39778001005
8. Baffle HM-39778001006
9. Spring HM-39778001007
10. Lock HM-39778005003
11. Housing Assembly HM-39778005004
12. Logo Label HM-39778005008
13. Data Label HM-39778005009
14. Screw (M3 X 16 mm, Pan Hd.) HM-39778001010
15. Cord Clamp HM-39778001012
16. Screw (M3 X 8 mm, Pan Hd.) HM-39778001013
17. Bend Relief HM-39778001014
18. Power Cord HM-39778001015
19. Switch HM-39778001016
20. Circuit Board HM-39778005007
Nl. Wrench HM-39778001020
Nl. Operator'S Manual HM-990000242
Nl. Accessory Kit HM-39778005051
Nl. Accessory Kit Operator'S Manual HM-990000243
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Homelite Manual Operators Psl1Rt01 #HM-990000242 Homelite Flyer Accessories #HM-990000243
Homelite PowerStroke Manual Operators Psl1Rt01 #HM-990000242
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Homelite PowerStroke Flyer Accessories #HM-990000243
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