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PAL Lighting PAL-2000 2L2
Model: PAL-2000, 2L2, 2-Wire, LED Light System Add to My Gear

PAL Lighting PAL-2000 2L2

1. Replacement Lens Kit, Pal 2L2/2L4 42-RPLS
2. Light Lens Screw Set, Pal-2000, Pal-Treo 39-P100-01
3. Repl Bulb, Pal,2-Wire, 12Vac, Color Change, Led 39-LAU
3. Replacement Bulb, Pal, 2-Wire, 12Vac, White Only, Led 39-LAU-2W
4. Lamp Harness Replacement, Pal, 2-Wire 39-P500-110
5. Light Cassette Gasket,Pal-2000Ru 39-P900-04
6. Light Cassette Nut,Pal-2000Ru 39-P100-08
8. Light Conduit Adaptor, Pal-2000Ru 39-P100-66
9. Wall Fitting Adapter Kit, Pal 2L/2T, Vinyl Liner 39-VAU
10. Light Rcu Adapter, Pal-2000, Use W/Concrete Niche 39-2RCUK
11. Light Wall Fitting Niche, Pal-2000, Concrete Installation 39-2RCASU
7. Light, Pal-2L2, Led White, 12V, 79Ft Cord, 2 Wire, New Style 39-2L254W
7. Light, Pal-2L2, Led White, 12V, 150Ft Cord, 2 Wire,New Style 39-2L256W
7. Light, Pal-2L2, Color Led Array, 12V, 79Ft Cord, 2 Wire, N/S 39-2L254LAU
7. Light, Pal-2L2,Color Led Array, 12V, 150Ft Cord, 2 Wire, N/S 39-2L256LAU
12. Light Wifi Module,Pal Color Touch/Commander,Receiver/Driver 42-PCTWF1
13. Light Receiver/Driver, Pal Commander, Pcr-8A 42-PCR-8A
13. Light Receiver/Driver, Pal Commander, Pcr-8A, W/Wifi 42-PCR-8AW
xx. Eschuteon, Pal 2L2/2L4, Ss 42-2LS
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Rack-door #WCI-215366074
Frigidaire Rack-door #WCI-215366074
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