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Maytag HWR3021W

Maytag HWR3021W
Model: HWR3021W (BOM: P1175101S) Add to My Models

Maytag HWR3021W

2. Cover, Outlet MAC-0052704
3. Motor Receptacle MAC-47001068
4. Screw MAC-Y0088172
5. Bulb Holder MAC-Y0088154
6. Lens Light MAC-Y0088169
7. Blade, Fan WPL-8190873
8. Screw And Nut Kit WPL-47001080
9. Motor MAC-Y0088165
10. Bracket, Motor MAC-Y0052703
11. Nut, Locking MAC-0088174
12. Filter (aluminum) MAC-Y0088150
14. Clip, Filter Retaining MAC-0088179
15. Damper Assembly MAC-Y0088153
16. Flap, Damper MAC-Y0088158
17. Plug, Flap Pivot MAC-Y0088168
18. Rocker Sw.,fan Motor WPL-71002958
19. Switch, Light (blk) MAC-Y0052707
20. Name Plate MAC-Y0052709
21. Screw, Self Tapping MAC-Y0088171
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Whirlpool Blade-fan #WPL-8190873
Whirlpool Blade-fan #WPL-8190873
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