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Magic Chef RB23KA-4AW/BG97C

Magic Chef RB23KA-4AW/BG97C Refrigerator
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Magic Chef RB23KA-4AW/BG97C

2. Refrigerator Egg Bin WPL-WP67004411
8A. Refrigerator Screw WPL-61005388
10. Refrigerator Door Shelf Retainer Clip WPL-WP65245-1
14. Refrigerator Butter Storage Tray WPL-67004412A
18. Washer Door WPL-67483-3
21. Refrigerator Door Trim WPL-WP61003045
45A. Refrigerator Screw WPL-65275-56
1D. Refrigerator Door Insulation WPL-RA95056-1
4. Clip, Stop S WPL-60123-2
4A. Refrigerator Screw WPL-65275-57
5. Clip, Stop S WPL-56209-3
6. Shim Handle WPL-68776-1
9. Refrigerator Door Gasket WPL-66199-8
11. Refrigerator Door Shelf WPL-60037-40
13. Refrigerator Dairy Door WPL-66184-363
15. Refrigerator Lower Hinge WPL-68975-1
15A. Lower Screw WPL-65275-51
17. Pin, Lower H WPL-68976-1
19. Refrigerator Door Stop WPL-68987-2
19A. Refrigerator Screw WPL-65275-48
20. Refrigerator Door Trim WPL-68376-15
22. Organizer Pa WPL-66645-6
24B. Refrigerator Screw WPL-65275-53
26. Tapping Plate WPL-67874-1
26A. Refrigerator Screw WPL-65275-59
28. Refrigerator Insert WPL-68130-52
29. Refrigerator Seal WPL-52077-26
30. Refrigerator Access Panel WPL-68700-2
30A. Refrigerator Insulation WPL-68779-1
30B. Refrigerator Insulation WPL-68781-1
33. Refrigerator Ice Chute WPL-68571-1
37. Refrigerator Latch WPL-65184-3
38. Refrigerator Door Shelf WPL-60037-39
41. Retainer WPL-65246-1
45. Refrigerator Lower Cover WPL-68978-1
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Maytag/Whirlpool Screw #WPL-65275-59
Whirlpool/Maytag/KitchenAid/Amana Screw #WPL-65275-59
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