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Klutch NT18G

Klutch NT18G
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Klutch NT18G

1. Clamp Nut HM-19012001001
2. Grinding Wheel Assembly (4-1/2 in.) HM-19044001107
3. Disc Flange HM-19012001002
4. Wheel Guard Assembly HM-19044001100
5. Washer (OD8.4 x ID5.2 x 1t) HM-19012001004
6. Spring Washer (OD8.4 x ID5.2 x 1.5t) HM-19012001005
7. Screw (M5 x 16 mm) HM-19012001006
8. Side Handle Assembly HM-19044001008
9. Screw (M4 x 14 mm) HM-19012001007
10. Spring Washer (OD6.8 x ID4.3 x 1.2t) HM-19012001008
11. Washer (OD8 x ID4.4 x 0.7t) HM-19012001009
12. Gear Case Cover Assembly HM-19044001101
13. Key HM-19012001013
14. Bearing Cover HM-19012001014
15. Screw (M4 x 8 mm) HM-19012001015
16. Gear HM-19012001016
17. Washer (OD18.5 x ID10.2 x 0.5t) HM-19012001017
18. C-Ring HM-19012001018
19. Gear Case Assembly HM-19044001102
20. Needle Bearing HM-19012001019
21. C-Ring HM-19012001022
22. Spindle Lock Button HM-19044001004
23. Compression Spring HM-19012001024
24. Screw (M3.8 x 70 mm) HM-19012001020
25. Vent Cover HM-19012001025
26. Hex Nut (M6) HM-19012001026
27. Drive Gear HM-19012001027
28. Ball Bearing (609-2Z) HM-19044001020
29. Bearing Cover HM-19012001029
30. Screw (M4.2 x 60 mm) HM-19012001031
31. Armature Assembly HM-19044001103
32. Ball Bearing (627-2Z) HM-19044001021
33. Fan Baffle HM-19012001033
34. Field HM-19012001034
35. Data Label HM-19044001017
36. Motor Housing Assembly HM-19044001108
37. Brush Assembly HM-19012001093
38. Screw (M2.9 x 9.5 mm) HM-19012001037
39. Logo Label HM-19044001014
40. Warning Label HM-19044001015
41. Contact Plate Holder Assembly HM-19012001096
42. Power Pack Foot Assembly HM-19044001106
43. Rear Handle Assembly HM-19044001104
44. Screw (M4.2 x 16 mm) HM-19012001057
45. Screw (M4.2 x 13 mm) HM-19012001043
46. C-RIng HM-19012001041
47. Screw (M4.2 x 32 mm) HM-19012001044
48. Spring HM-19012001050
49. Switch Lock Button HM-19044001010
50. Steel Pin HM-19012001047
51. Switch Assembly HM-19044001109
52. Pressure Plate HM-19012001062
53. Trigger Assembly HM-19044001105
54. Wrench HM-19012001046
Nl. Battery Pack (NT18BA2) HM-130292001
Nl. Battery Charger (NT18CH) HM-140185012
Nl. Operator's Manual HM-990000260
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Homelite Charger Klutch 18V Dual Chem C #HM-140185012 Homelite Pack Battery 18V Li-Ion Samsun #HM-130292001
Homelite Klutch Charger Klutch 18V Dual Chem C #HM-140185012
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Homelite Klutch Pack Battery 18V Li-Ion Samsun #HM-130292001
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Homelite Manual Operators Nt18G #HM-990000260
Homelite Klutch Manual Operators Nt18G #HM-990000260
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