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HydroDynamics Hydro Power Pump
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HydroDynamics Hydro Power Pump

1. Volute, Hydrodynamics Hydro Power PO/0020
2. Shaft Seal, Ps-1000, 5/8" Shaft, Buna PS-1000
3. Impeller, Hydrodynamics Hydro Power, 1.0Hp PO/0112
4. O-Ring, Hydrodynamics Hydro Power, Volute PO/0050
5. Front Plate, Hydrodynamics Hydro Power PO/0040
6. Pump Union, 1-1/2"Fbt X 1-1/2"S 0602-15
7. Wet End, Hydro Dynamic, 0.75Hp, 48Fr, 1-1/2" SA/3162-12
xx. Impeller Kit, Hydrodynamics Hydro Power Discontinued
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Handle-drawer/door #WCI-5303280334
Frigidaire Handle-drawer/door #WCI-5303280334
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