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Homelite HLT17C UT-20586-A

Homelite HLT17C UT-20586-A
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Homelite HLT17C UT-20586-A

1. Nut- Wing HM-93992
2. Screw- Plastite (#8 X 3/4") HM-82368
3. Shaft- Flexible HM-98816
4. Handle- Front (St-145, St-155, Hgt) HM-98822
XX. Handle- Front (St-175, St-175C, St-1 75Bc, Gst) HM-A98525
5. Handle Grip Assembly HM-A00879
6. Trigger HM-UP04558
7. Spool & Strlng(St-155) HM-DA98911B
XX. Spool & String (Hlt-16, Hlt-17C) HM-02985
XX. Spool & String (Dual Line) HM-DA98912B
8. Cable- Throttle HM-A03006
9. Line- Replacement (.080 Dia.) (100 Ft.) HM-DA97952B
XX. Line- Replacement (.095 Dia.) (1 Lb. Box) (Hlt-16, Hlt-17C) HM-395903
10. Screw (10-24 X 2") HM-80295
11. Housing- Drive Shaft HM-A00104A
12. Decal- Starting Instructions HM-989231
13. Decal- Warning HM-02985
14. Clamp HM-98853
XX. Housing- Drive Shaft (Hlt-16) HM-A00771
XX. Housing- Drive Shaft (Hlt-17C) HM-A00774
XX. Decal-Starting Instructions (Hlt-17C) HM-989241
XX. Decal- Warning (Hlt-17C) HM-02985
XX. Decal- Warning (Not Shown) (Hlt-17C) HM-00588
XX. Housing- Drive Shaft (St-1 75Bc) HM-A02720
XX. Decal-Starting Instructions (St-1 75Bc) HM-989241
XX. Decal- Warning (St-175Bc) HM-02985
XX. Clamp (St-175Bc) HM-98853
XX. Decal- Warning (Not Shown) (St-175Bc) HM-00588
15. Lockwasher (1/4") HM-83009
16. Washer- Flat (1/4") HM-84006
17. Deflector- Grass HM-98821
XX. Deflector- Grass (St-175G, St-175Bc, Gst, Hlt-17C) HM-02610
18. Blade- Cut Off (St-145. St-155) HM-A03834
19. Nut- (10-24) HM-81261
20. Screw- (10-24 X 7/8") HM-82531
XX. Blade- Cut-Off (St-175C, St-175G, St-175Bc, Hgt, Hlt-16, Hlt-17C) HM-A03832
XX. Blade- Cut-Off (Gst) HM-A03833
XX. Nut (10-24) HM-81261
XX. Screw (10-24 X 7/8") HM-82531
21. Housing & Eyelet- Dual Line HM-A98231A
22. Spring- Compression HM-98848
23. Screw (#10 X 1/2") HM-82541
24. Retainer- Spool (R.H. Thread) HM-DA98866A
XX. Retainer- Spool (St-1 75Bc, Hlt-1 7C) HM-A02781
25. Handle Bar (St-175Bc) HM-A97709A
26. Grip (St-175Bc) HM-94474B
27. Screw (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-88071
28. Screw (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-88078
29. Clamp (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-00422
30. Washer (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-83061
31. Nut (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-81267
32. Adaptor (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-02617
33. Blade- Weed (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-DA02616A
34. Washer- Cupped (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-00580
35. Washer (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-83030
36. Screw (St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-80085
37. Plate- Indicating (St-1 75C, St-1 75Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-95231
38. Nut (St-175C, St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-72084A1
39. Switch- Toggle (St-175C, St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-93653
40. Lead- Electrical (St-175C, St-175Bc. Hlt-17C) HM-A98918
41. A Lead- Ground (St-175C, St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-A98919
42. Harness W/Connector (Gst, St-175Bc, Hlt-17C) HM-DA92703B
43. Handle Bar ("J") (Hlt-17C) HM-A02951
44. Grip (Hlt-17C) HM-94474B


Homelite HLT17C UT-20586-A

1. Screw- (10-24 X 2 1/2") HM-88060
2. Cover- Muffler HM-A98780
3. Baffle- Muffler HM-98782
4. Screen- Spark HM-98784A
5. Spacer- Muffler HM-98860A
6. Plate- Reinforcing HM-98783
7. Body- Muffler HM-A01323
8. Gasket- Muffler HM-98786B
9. Spark Plug (Dj7Y) HM-96169S
XX. Spark Plug (Rdj7Y) (Int'L) HM-79252
10. Cylinder & Gasket (St-145,St-155,St-175Bcst-175C,St-175G,St-185Bc,St- HM-A00108
11. Gasket- Cylinder HM-03703A
XX. Cylinder & Gasket (Hlt-16,Hlt-17C,Hlt-28,Hbc-18,Hbc-30,Hbc-30B) HM-A03785A
12. Piston & Rod Assembly (St-145,St-155,St-175Bc,St-175C,St-175G,St-185Bc HM-A04258
13. Ring- Piston HM-96935
XX. Piston & Rod Assembly (Hlt-16,Hlt-17C,Hlt-28,Hbc-18,Hbc-30,Hbc-30B) HM-A03705
XX. Ring- Piston HM-03179
14. Crankcase (St-145, St-155, St-175G, St-275, Gst, Hgt) HM-A00517
XX. Crankcase (Hlt-16, Hlt-28) HM-A00574
15. Key- Woodruff HM-69250
16. Lead- Electrical (St-385Bc, Hbc-30, Hbc-30B) HM-A00681
17. Lead- Electrical (St-175Bc,St-175C,St-185Bc,St-285Bc,Hlt-17C,Hbc-18) HM-A98918
18. Lead- Electrical (St-145,St-155,St-175G,St-275,Gst,Hgt,Hlt-16,Hlt-28 HM-A98809
19. Module- Ignition HM-94711CS
20. Lead- High-Tension HM-69326
21. Terminal- High-Tension HM-A33055
22. Screw- Taptite (8-32 X 1") HM-82540
23. Bumper- Rubber HM-98792
24. Screw- (10-24 X 3/4") (T-27) HM-82569
25. Rotor (St-145, St-155, St-175G, St-275, Hgt, Gst, Hlt-16, Hlt-28) HM-A04158
26. Kit- Starter Pawl HM-A70285E
27. Washer- Flat (5/16") (St-145,St-155,St-175Gst-275,Gst,Hgt,Hlt-16,Hlt HM-84065
28. Connector- Drive (St-145, St-155, St-175G, St-275, Hlt-16, Hlt-28) HM-98795A
29. Screw- Plastite (10 X 1/2") HM-82541
30. Bracket- Retaining HM-98791
31. Rope- Starter (42") HM-900849002
32. Spring & Container HM-A98773
33. Pulley- Starter HM-98770
34. Housing Engine (St-175Bc,St-175C,St-185Bc,St-285Bc,St-385Bc,Hlt-17C,H HM-A02576B
XX. Housing- Engine (St-145, St-155, St-175G, St-275, Hlt-16, Hlt-28) HM-A02575B
35. Grip- Starter HM-02264
36. Screw- Pan Hd. (#10 X 3/8") HM-82522
37. Clamp HM-98802A
38. Screw- Hex Sems (10-24 X 3/8") HM-82268
39. Nut- Square HM-97574
40. Washer- Clutch (St-175Bc,St-175C,St-185Bc,St-285Bc,Gst-Bc,Hlt-17C,Hbc HM-98929A
41. Clutch (St-175Bc, St-175C,St-185Bc,St-285Bc,St-385Bc,Gst-Bc,Hlt-17C-Ut HM-00242
42. Connector & Drum (St-175Bc,St-175C,St-185Bc,St-285Bc,St-85Bc,Gst-Bc,H HM-A02727
XX. Connector & Drum (Hlt-17C-Ut2059-A, Hbc-18, Hbc-30, Hbc-30B) HM-UP04133
43. Tube Adaptor (St-175Bc,St-175C,St-185Bc,St-285Bc,St-385Bc,Gst-Bc,Hlt- HM-A02396A
44. Screw (10-24 X 1 1/4") HM-88054
45. Nut (10-24) HM-81208
46. Screw (10-24 X 7/8") HM-88052
47. Screw- Taptite (10-24 X 3/4") HM-82538
48. Lead- Ground HM-A98919A
49. Terminal HM-02851
50. Bracket- Cable HM-A98808
51. Fuel Tank & Fuel Cap Assy(Must Purchase 2 bumpers HM-98792 ) HM-308123004
52. Filter- Fuel HM-49422
53. Tubing- Rubber (8") HM-143932
54. Tubing- Rubber (8") HM-9477232
55. Clamp- Wire HM-98268
56. Fuel Cap Assembly HM-A00982A
57. Gasket- Fuel Cap HM-98805A
58. Valve- Duck Bill HM-03134
59. Filter- Cap HM-98913
60. Rotor (St-175Bc,St-175C,St-185Bc,St-285Bc,St-385Bc,Gst-Bc,Hlt-17C-Ut- HM-A00856
61. Starter Pawl HM-A70285E
62. Washer HM-95479A
63. Spacer HM-35662
XX. Rotor (Hlt-17C-Ut-20596-A, Hlt-16, Hlt-28, Hbc-18, Hbc-30, Hbc-30B) HM-A00857
XX. Spacer HM-35661
64. Crankcase (St-175Bc, St-175C, St-185Bc, St-285Bc, St-385Bc, Gst-Bc) HM-A00575
XX. Crankcase (Hlt-17C, Hbc-18, Hbc-30, Hbc-30B) HM-A00551
65. Air Filter Box HM-A01440A
66. Decal- Push-Hold HM-98943
67. Decal- Choke-Run HM-00772
68. Filter- Air HM-D98760A
69. Screw- (10-24 X 2 1/4") HM-82542
70. Button- Switch HM-98769
71. Spring- Compression HM-95020
72. Screw- Plastite (#6) HM-93923
73. Carburetor (Walbro) HM-A03003
XX. Carburetor (Zama) HM-A03002
74. Gasket- Carburetor HM-98766A
75. Screw- Taptite (10-24 X 1") HM-825491
76. Heat Dam HM-98768
77. Nut (10-24) HM-81208
78. Gasket- Heat Dam HM-98765B
79. Crankcase Cover HM-A00858
80. Gasket- Crankcase Cover HM-98767A
81. Wire Guard Kit HM-A00254
82. Screw- Hex Sems (10-24 X 1/2") HM-88049
83. Nut (10-24) HM-81208
xx. Zama HM-A03003
xx. Repair Kit HM-A03979
xx. Gasket/Diaphragm Kit HM-A03980
xx. Primer Bulb HM-UP04803
xx. Primer Base (Aluminum) HM-A01194
xx. Primer Base (Plastic) HM-A03062
xx. Swivel Kit HM-A00289
xx. Walbro HM-A03002
xx. Repair Kit HM-A02665
xx. Gasket/Diaphragm Kit HM-A00285A
xx. Primer Bulb HM-01201
xx. Primer Base HM-A01200A
xx. Saw Blade HM-D98935A
xx. Grease, Multi-Purpose HM-18453
xx. Machete Blade HM-DA00714A
xx. Thread Locking Compound HM-23488C
xx. Module Air Gap Shim HM-24306
xx. Grass Anti Wrap Kit HM-A04191
xx. Ignition Test Spark Plug HM-JA313164
xx. Rubber Tubing (10 Ft.) (3.05 M) HM-9477299
xx. Starter Rope (250 Ft. Reel) (76 M) HM-98052A
xx. Replacement String (3 Lb. Box) (0.095 Dia.) HM-395904
xx. Torx Bit (For Clutch Drum) T25 HM-2498203
xx. Torx Drive Bit T-27 HM-1856601
.-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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