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Homelite EL16 UT-16004

Homelite EL16 UT-16004
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Homelite EL16 UT-16004

1. Guide Bar-12" (El-12) HM-NE12001G7
Nl. Guide Bar Assembly (El-16) HM-NE16001G7
2. Saw Chain (El-12) HM-D92448
Nl. Saw Chain (El-16) HM-D92450
3. Sprocket Roller Bearing HM-28310
4. Bolt-Hex Head HM-28323
5. Cap-Oil Reservoir HM-28318
6. Cord (El-12) HM-28321
Nl. Cord (El-16) HM-28331
7. Side Cover (El-12) HM-28304
Nl. Side Cover (El-16) HM-28403
8. Disc-Thrust (El-12) HM-28314
Nl. Washer-Thrust (El-16) HM-28404
9. Bearing & Brush Holder (El-12) HM-28329
10. Gear-Drive HM-28308
11. Gear-Internal HM-28309
12. Hand Guard-Front HM-28301
13. Housing-Motor HM-0028452
Nl. Gear Housing Assembly HM-28407
14. Nut-Hex HM-28324
15. Adjusting Plate Assembly HM-28316
16. Bearing Plate (El-12) HM-28311
17. Oil Reservoir HM-28317
18. Screw-Tap Pan Head HM-28322
19. Screw-Tap Flat Head HM-28315
20. Screw-Tap Pan Head HM-28305
21. Sprocket Support HM-28307
22. Switch-Lock-Off HM-28320
23. Screw-Shoulder, Pan Head HM-28306
24. Armature FNLA
25. Field FNLA
26. Grip- Handle, Front (El-16) HM-28409
27. Cover- Sprocket (El-16) HM-28402
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Homelite Guide Bar 12 #HM-NE12001G7 Homelite Motor Housing (EL14) #HM-0028452
Homelite Guide Bar 12 #HM-NE12001G7
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Homelite Motor Housing (EL14) #HM-0028452
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