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Hart H040SCA

Hart H040SCA
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Hart H040SCA

1. Fixed Air Plug (1/4 in. NPT) HM-79077020003
2. External Retaining Ring (IRTW17) HM-79067001002
3. Deflector HM-79077020001
4. O-ring HM-79067001004
5. Pin HM-79067001005
6. End Cap HM-79067001006
7. O-ring HM-79067001007
8. Anti-Vibration Spring HM-79067001008
9. Internal Retaining Ring (IRTW24) HM-79067001009
10. Spring Mount HM-79067001010
11. Muffler Cap HM-79067001011
12. Motor Assembly HM-79067001701
13. Muffler HM-79067001013
14. Muffler (A) HM-79067001014
15. O-ring HM-79067001015
16. Valve Stem Unit HM-79067001016
17. O-ring HM-79067001017
18. Valve Stem Spring HM-79067001018
19. Valve Seal HM-79067001019
20. Internal Retaining Ring (IRTW10) HM-79067001020
21. Piston Shaft Unit HM-79067001027
22. Feed Bumper (A) HM-79067001028
23. Feed Cap HM-79067001029
24. Bolt (M3 x 10 mm, Hex. Soc. Hd.) HM-79067001031
25. Feed Bumper (B) HM-79067001032
26. Tool Body Unit HM-79077020002
27. Bolt (M4 x 8 mm, Hex. Soc. Hd.) HM-79067001034
28. Bolt (M5 x 8 mm, Half Round Hd. Hex.) HM-79067001035
29. Washer (ID5.3 x OD12 x 1.2t) HM-79067001036
30. Blade Holder Guide HM-79067001037
31. Set Screw (M6 x 6 mm, Hex. Soc. Hd.) HM-79067001038
32. Blade Clamp Assembly HM-79067001039
33. Shoe HM-79067001041
34. Spring Pin HM-79067001042
35. Trigger HM-79067001043
36. Lock Lever HM-79067001044
37. Spring HM-79067001045
38. Logo Label HM-79077020901
39. Data and Warning Label HM-79077020902
Nl. Shingle Cutting Blade HM-79067001048
Nl. Multi-Material Cutting Blade HM-79067001049
Nl. Overhaul Kit HM-79067001702
Nl. Oil and Wrench Kit (Inc. Oil and 3 mm Hex Key) HM-79067001703
Nl. Operator's Manual HM-990000473
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.