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GE JIC100H1 Electric Range
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1. Plate Top GEH-WB62X1618
12. Knob Switch GEH-WB03X0653
15. Knob Control GEH-WB03X0654
159. Heating Coil Assembly GEH-WB27X0310
165. Pan Detection Assembly GEH-WB02X4519
1202. Base Bottom GEH-WB49X0551
1206. Cord Power GEH-WB18X0226
1241. Cap Hole GEH-WB02X4525
1406. Choke Coil L3 GEH-WB27X0312
1407. Choke Coil L4 GEH-WB27X0313
1408. Choke Coil L2 GEH-WB27X0311
1422. Motor Fan GEH-WB26X0079
1430. Thermostat Assembly GEH-WB27X0319
1437. Holder Thermostat GEH-WB02X4524
1438. Capacitor GEH-WB27X0314
1438. Lead Wire Capac To Trans GEH-WB17X0193
1476. Foot GEH-WB02X4523
1482. Transistor Assembly GEH-WB27X0315
1497. Holder Switch GEH-WB02X4521
1531. Support Motor GEH-WB02X4520
1623. Power Supply Circuit Brd GEH-WB27X0318
1636. Inverter Control Cir Brd GEH-WB27X0317
1639. Switch Power GEH-WB24X0350
1657. Shield Cover GEH-WB02X4522
1662. Indicator Circuit Board GEH-WB27X0316
1673. Clip Wire GEH-WB02X4526
32767. Manual Users GEH-49-4710
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.