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Frigidaire FN30LPDC

Frigidaire FN30LPDC
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Frigidaire FN30LPDC

1. Handle End,hood ,left WCI-5304444388
2. Handle End,hood ,right WCI-5304444390
3. Handle,hood WCI-5304444452
4. Hood,grill WCI-5304444457
7. Flavor Grid,igniter Cover ,bottom ,angle WCI-5304444398
8. Flavor Grid,burner Cover ,top ,angle WCI-5304444399
10. Shelf,warming Rack WCI-5304444461
11. Grate,main Burner WCI-5304444459
12. Shelf,left Side WCI-5304444437
14. Panel,cart ,right Side WCI-5304444416
15. Channel,wheel ,swivel WCI-5304444418
16. Panel,cart ,back WCI-5304444454
17. Base,cart WCI-5304444455
18. Channel,wheel ,fixed WCI-5304445083
19. Handle End,door ,right WCI-5304444426
20. Handle End,door ,left WCI-5304444425
21. Handle,door ,12.525 Inch WCI-5304444463
22. Door,cart WCI-5304444456
23. Magnet,door WCI-5304444391
24. Housing,igniter Battery WCI-5304444404
26. Panel,igniter Access WCI-5304445082
28. Knob,burner WCI-5304444405
29. Bezel,knob WCI-5304444406
31. Tray,drip Pan WCI-5304444438
32. Panel,cart ,left Side WCI-5304444427
33. Cover,infrared Burner WCI-5304444458
34. Door Stop WCI-5304444419
F13. Regulator,lp WCI-5304444675
F25. Igniter,2-pole ,no Ground ,with Bracket WCI-5304465054
F27. Manifold WCI-5304445085
F30. Valve,burner ,main/side ,lp WCI-5304445069
F35. Wire,igniter ,positive WCI-5304444431
F36. Wire,igniter ,negative WCI-5304444432
F37. Elbow,gas Fitting ,manifold/hose WCI-5304447621
F38. Hose,gas ,10`` ,main Supply WCI-5304446174
F39. Elbow,main Connection WCI-5304447623
F40. Fitting,main Connection WCI-5304447624
F5. Guage,temperature WCI-5304444392
F6. Burner,main ,3 Cell WCI-5304444460
F9. Electrode,main Burner WCI-5304444439
NI. Bolt,wheel & Cart WCI-5304444442
NI. Screw,bezel/valve WCI-5304444445
NI. Bolt,valve/manifold WCI-5304444441
NI. Nut,door ,bottom Pivot WCI-5304444443
NI. Screw,self-tapping WCI-5304444447
NI. Screw,door ,bottom Pivot WCI-5304444444
NI. Wire,igniter ,main Burner ,left & Right WCI-5304444451
NI. Screw,hood Handle End WCI-5304444446
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304445082 Frigidaire Channel #WCI-5304445083
Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304445082
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Frigidaire Channel #WCI-5304445083
Our Price: $221.45
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Frigidaire Manifold #WCI-5304445085 Frigidaire Valve #WCI-5304445069
Frigidaire Manifold #WCI-5304445085
Our Price: $238.25
Sale Price: $198.54
You save $39.71!
Frigidaire Valve #WCI-5304445069
Our Price: $134.14
Sale Price: $100.63
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Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days