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Eureka 4870 Ultra-Smart Bag Replacement

Depending on how often you clean and if you have animals at home, replacing your bags should be done every 1-3 months. Vacuum bags should never exceed 3/4th capacity. If the bags are over-filled, they will begin leaking dust and particles into your home.
1. Release Front Cover: Release front cover latch by lifting up. Pivot bag cover away from cleaner and remove.
2. Remove Old Bag: Pull and hold lever left, away from bag (A). Grasp cardboard bag collar (C) and pivot collar down until it snaps loose on right side. Remove bag from cleaner and discard.
3. Install New Bag: Locate back ledge (B). Place bag collar on the ledge.
4. Secure New Bag: Push up with both thumbs until bag secures on each side. Check to be sure the paper bag collar (C) is secure with the hose adapter (D) inside the paper bag collar.
5. Tuck In Bag: Tuck the bag into the bottom and along sides to clear front cover plate.
6. Close Cover: Place tab on lower part of front cover into cleaner slot. Close cover. Make sure disposal bag is not caught under front cover.

If you have any questions about bags for your Eureka 4870 Ultra-Smart Vacuum, please contact us.
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