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Electrolux Parts Warehouse: Find any Electrolux Vacuum Part in 3 Clicks!

For many families, an Electrolux vacuum is at the core of their clean, healthy homes. We understand how important it is to keep your machine running effectively and efficiently. Replacing a vacuum is costly, and most vacuums that stop working can be fixed for a fraction of the cost or replacing it. We've got all the parts you need to maintain your machine to keep it running for years. If your vacuum has stopped working, we have parts schematics and a highly trained service staff to assist you in finding the right Electrolux Parts.

Whether it's an Electrolux Upright, Electrolux Harmony Canister, Electrolux Central Vac, or a Stick vac; we've got the parts you need to fix your machine quickly and inexpensively. That's why we say: If It's Broke, Fix It! We know it's important to you to have a clean, healthy home, so buy your Electrolux Parts from the Largest Online Vacuum Parts Retailer in the United States, and feel confident that you'll get the best part and the best service, all at the best price online.

About the Electrolux Company

Electrolux, a Swedish company that has expanded globally into a household-technology powerhouse, has strived to simplify the cleaning process for decades. Electrolux principles are still what they were when the company was founded as AB Lux, Stockholm in 1901 by Axel Wenner-Gren: to meet the needs of the people who used their products and to move beyond obstacles.With this core value system in place from Day 1, Electrolux has blossomed into the global icon it is today. As it was, Wenner-Gren had to fight for over a decade to win the chance at selling a lightweight vacuum that was affordable for every home in Europe, unlike other vacuums being produced and sold at the time. However, when Wenner-Gren did succeed, sales peaked. In 1921, Electrolux invented the first Electrolux vacuum cleaner on runners, which was quite similar to a sled design. This allowed the heavy machine to easily be moved around the house by women the cleaners of the house.

By using innovative techniques like this, Electrolux was able to make its stand in the vacuum industry. The vacuum cleaner model V was a huge success, and led to more innovation by the company. In 1933, Electrolux began producing vacuums in the United States; this marked a new venture for the company. As Electrolux has served households in Europe for over 90 years, it was only fitting for the company to reach the vital American consumer market. Electrolux now utilizes global teams to develop new products to better serve the global household consumer industry. By focusing on easy-to-use, lightweight designs that are stylish and modern, Electrolux has kept at the top of the household appliance chain. Today, Electrolux provides The Pacific Edition - five vacuum cleaners that are made from plastic retrieved from the ocean. These products exemplify the trend towards a green consumer industry, and electroluxs stand as a green company.

In keeping with the Electrolux principle, is customer-driven. By providing all Electrolux parts at a price you simply cannot beat, is the only place to ensure your vacuum cleaner is running clean to clean your home.