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Dyson DC40 Filter Replacement and Maintenance Guide

Your Dyson DC40 comes equipped with two filters; the Pre-Filter assembly located in the cyclone assembly of your machine, and the Post-Filter assembly located in the Ball. Both of these filters filter incoming and outgoing air for your Dyson DC40. Dyson recommends these filters be cleaned every 3 months, depending on the traffic type or usage. If your filters go without maintenance, your machine could be adversely impacted. Replacing overly-congested filters is also recommended.

Dyson DC40 Pre-Filter Assembly Maintenance and Replacement

Dyson Recommends Filter Maintenance
Every 3 Months.
1. Remove Dust Bin.
To access the filter, remove the DC40 Dust
Collection Cyclone Assembly.
2. Open Cyclone, Remove Filter.
Access the filter compartment using the
button on the front of the cyclone assembly.
3. Wash Filter.
Use cool, detergent-free water. Rinse filter and
gently massage until water runs clear. Remove
excess debris.
4. Dry for 24 Hours.
Running your Dyson DC40 with wet or damp
filters will damage your machine.
Let your
filters air-dry for at least 24 hours before
5. Replace Filter.
Insert the filter back into the cyclone assembly
and snap lid closed until you hear a positive

Dyson DC40 Post-Filter Assembly Maintenance and Replacement

1. Access the Post-Filter Assembly.
To access the post-filter assembly, lay the
Dyson DC40 on its back. Rotate Ball Cover
counter-clockwise to open.
2. Remove the Post-Filter Assembly.
Rotate the filter assembly counter clockwise
to remove from machine. Filter should come
off easily.
3. Clean Filter.
Rinse the filter assembly in cool water. Do
not use any cleaning solutions or detergents
on filters. Gently tap the filter to remove
excess debris.
4. Allow 24 Hours to Dry.
Running your Dyson DC40 with wet or damp
filters will damage your machine.
Allow at
least 24-hours to air-dry before reinstalling
the filter assembly on your machine.
5. Reinstall the Post-Filter Assembly.
Reinstall the filter assembly by rotating
clockwise. The filter should snap into place
6. Close Dyson Ball and Stand Upright.
Re-cover the Dyson Ball assembly and rotate
the cap clockwise to snap back into place.
Once complete, your machine is ready for
the next use.

If you have any questions about your Dyson DC40 Filters, please contact us. The filters that correspond with this model are listed below. If filters are not properly maintained on a regular basis, your Dyson DC40 will fail to operate as intended and you machine could permanently be damaged. If your filters become too congested to clean, replacing them is advised. This happens more frequently in high-traffic homes and businesses. Make sure the filters you are buying are Original Dyson Products. Cheap replacements can sometimes affect the cleaning ability of your Dyson only sells Original Dyson Products, unless discontinued by the manufacturer.
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