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Dyson DC40 Cleaner Head Maintenance Guide

Your Dyson DC40 Cleaner Head needs to be maintained, just like other aspects of your machine. Your brushbar can get overly congested and fail to rotate, which could cause damage to your brushbar motor. Quickly and simply accessing the brushbar and removing debris is simple. If your motor has be damaged, replacing your brushbar motor can be a simple fix, or replacing your entire cleanerhead may be the best option for you. This page has the products you will need to fix and maintain your Dyson DC40 Cleaner Head.
1. Remove "C Clip."
The red C Clip holds the cleaner
head assembly to the DC40 Machine.
2. Disconnect Cleaner Head.
The cleaner head assembly should come
off easily once the red c clip is taken off
the cleaner head.
3. Unclasp soleplate assembly.
Rotate the thumb screws to remove
the bottom plate covering the brush
bar assembly.
4. Remove Soleplate to access Brush.
Once the brushbar is accessible, remove
and excess congestion, fibers, hair, or
5. Re-attach Soleplate Assembly.
Re attach the base plate (soleplate)
assembly by lining up the tabs (3)
located on the plate and cleaner
6. Fasten Soleplate.
Turn thumbscrews to fasten the soleplate
back onto the cleanerhead assembly.
7. Re-attach "C Clip."
Re-attach the red C Clip to the cleaner
head before attaching it to the machine.

8. Re-attach Cleaner Head Assembly.
The cleaner head should snap back into
place easily.

If you're having any issues that you cannot fix easily with this guide, contact us and our techs will help you diagnose the issues with your machine. Some of the parts associated with your DC40 Cleaner Head are listed below. To see more parts for your Dyson DC40, see all the parts at the link below:
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