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Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum
Model: DC25
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Popular Parts:
Brushbar Assy DY-917391-01
Blueberry Pre-Filter Assy DY-919171-02
Post Filter Assy DY-916188-05
Drive Belt DY-914006-01
Dyzolv DY-903888-06


1. Brushbar Motor Housing DY-914134-01
1a. Light Steel Brushbar Motor Housing (Blueprint) DY-914134-02
2. End Cap Assembly DY-916183-02
2a. White End Cap Assembly (Blueprint) DY-916183-02
3. Brushbar Housing Service Assembly DY-925721-01
4. Brushbar Service Assy DY-917391-03
5. Soleplate Assy DY-916184-01
5a. Light Steel Soleplate Assy DY-916184-02
6. Iron Soleplate Wheel DY-909747-02
7. Screw NA
8. Brushbar Motor Service Assy DY-925728-01
9. White/Light Steel Cleaner Head Assembly (Blueprint) DY-915499-04
9a. Cleaner Head Assy DY-915499-07
10. PCB Service Assy DY-925727-01
11. Drive Belt DY-914006-01
12. Iron Bumper DY-914133-01
12a. Light Steel Bumper (Blueprint) DY-914133-02
13. Tab Wheel Assy DY-916185-01
14. Tab Wheel DY-914769-01
15. Axle DY-904578-02
16. Iron Tab Wheel Cover DY-914445-01
17. Screw DY-910702-10
18. Axle DY-911165-01


01. Black Motor Bucket Spring Cap DY-914579-01
2. Spring DY-919900-43
3. Purple Post Filter Door Assy Animal Exclusive DY-915447-06
3a. Metallic Platinum Post Filter Door Assy All Floors / Exclusive DY-915447-10
3b. Satin Blue Post Filter Door Assy MO Exclusive DY-915447-11
3c. Metallic Red Post Filter Door Assy MO Exclusive DY-915447-12
3d. Light Steel Post Filter Door Assy Blueprint DY-915447-15
4. Screw M3.5X16-T15 DY-910703-01
5. Screw M3.5X16-T15 DY-910703-01
6. Spring DY-919900-42
7. Iron Swivel Lock Arm DY-914103-01
8. Screw NA
9. Iron Yoke Spigot DY-914108-01
9a. White Yoke Spigot Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-914108-02
10. Screw M3.5X16-T15 DY-910703-01
11. Iron Swivel Lock Pivot DY-914105-01
12. Yoke Loom Assy DY-916190-01
12a. White Yoke Loom Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-916190-02
13. Yoke Assy DY-915456-01
13a. White Yoke Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-915456-02
14. Motor Bucket Duct Seal DY-914079-01
15. Large Bearing DY-907262-01
16. Clear Yoke Loom Carrier DY-914148-01
17. Screw M3.5X16-T15 DY-910703-01
18. Black Bearing DY-914064-01
19. Red Post Filter Catch DY-914075-01
20. Spring DY-919900-40
21. Post Filter Assy DY-916188-05
22. Black Rear Motor Bucket DY-914077-01
23. Rear Motor Mount DY-914080-01
24. Purple Ball Assy DY-916187-02
24a. Yellow Ball Assy DY-916187-03
24b. Satin Blue Ball Assy DY-916187-07
24c. Metallic Red Ball Assy DY-916187-08
24d. Metallic Platinum Ball Assy DY-916187-09
24e. Pink Ball Assy DY-916187-10
24f. Light Steel Ball Assy DY-916187-11
25. Screw M3.5X16-T15 DY-910703-01
26. Motor Panasonic SDS1301GND 120V DY-911666-01
27. Motor Bucket Wiring Assy DY-914275-01
28. Black Front Motor Bucket DY-914076-01
29. Screw NA
30. Inlet Bucket Seal DY-914078-01


1. Switch/TCB Cable DY-914271-01
2. Clear Brushbar Reset Arm DY-911746-01
3. Spring DY-900199-21
4. Brushbar Switch Button DY-914085-01
5. On/Off Switch Button DY-914086-01
6. On/Off Actuation Arm (All Floors) DY-966031-01
7. Spring DY-900199-55
8. Reset Switch DY-914592-01
9. Switch DY-910971-01
10. Iron Tool Clip DY-914195-01
10a. White Tool Clip (Blueprint) DY-914195-02
11. Iron Switch Cover DY-914082-01
11a. White Switch Cover (Blueprint) DY-914082-02
12. Spring DY-919900-15
13. Silver Cyclone Release Catch DY-911037-02
13a. Ink Blue Cyclone Release Catch (Blueprint) DY-911037-03
14. Exhaust Seal DY-911038-01
15. Inlet Seal DY-911039-01
16. Clear Valve Wheel DY-914166-01
17. Iron Wheel Pin DY-914169-01
18. Screw M3.5X10-T15 DY-910703-02
19. Iron Wheel Spigot DY-914109-01
19a. White Wheel Spigot (Blueprint) DY-914109-02
20. Valve Upright Lock Assy DY-916201-01
20a. White Valve/Upright Lock Assy (Blueprint) DY-916201-02
21. Screw M3.5X10-T15 DY-910703-02
22. Black Plastic Washer DY-911106-01
23. Iron Lower Duct Hose DY-914197-01
23a. Silver Lower Duct Hose (Blueprint) DY-914197-02
24. Screw NA
25. Valve Hatch Seal DY-914167-01
26. Change Over Valve Spring DY-913769-01
27. Black Valve Hatch Axle DY-914170-01
28. Iron Valve Hatch DY-914165-01
29. Iron Valve Hose DY-916216-01
30. White Shuttle DY-914163-02
31. Shuttle Seal DY-914164-01
32. Black Connection Insulator DY-911041-01
33. Clear Wand Release Catch DY-914208-01
34. Spring DY-919900-14
35. Iron Duct Assy DY-916200-01
35a. White Duct Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-916200-01
36. Screw NA
37. Internal Cable DY-914270-02
38. Powercord Assy DY-914269-04
39. Cable Protector DY-903382-01
40. Cable Clip DY-904905-08
41. Pedal Spring DY-914757-01
42. Red Pedal Assy DY-914190-01
42a. Ink Blue Pedal Assy (Blueprint) DY-914190-02
43. Stabiliser Assy DY-916243-01
43a. White Stabiliser Assy (Blueprint) DY-916243-02
44. Black Upright Switch Cam DY-911155-01
45. Screw M3.5X20-T15 DY-910702-25
46. Iron Upright Switch Cover DY-914088-01
46a. White Upright Switch Cover (Blueprint) DY-914088-02
47. Screw DY-910702-12
48. Spring DY-911206-01
49. Upright Switch DY-914276-01
50. Black Upright Switch Housing DY-914192-01
51. Screw M3.5X20-T15 DY-910702-25


01. Cyclone Cap Assy DY-916186-02
1. White Cyclone Cap Assy DY-916186-03
2. Metallic Purple Cyclone Assy DY-915531-03
2a. Satin Yellow Cyclone Assy DY-915531-04
2b. Metallic Red Cyclone Assy DY-915531-05
2c. Metallic Platinum Cyclone Assy DY-915531-24
2d. Pink Cyclone Assy DY-915531-10
2e. White Cyclone Assy DY-915531-12
2f. Metallic Blue Cyclone Assy DY-915531-13
3. Bin Seal DY-911079-01
4. FDC Seal DY-911077-01
5. Bin Assy DY-915530-01
5a. Bin Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-915530-02
6. Bin Base Seal DY-911086-01
7. Bin Base Assy DY-915529-01
8. Bleed Valve Cap Assy DY-916182-01
9. Spring DY-919900-55
10. Black Bleed Valve Housing DY-911090-01
11. Screw DY-910702-08
12. Blueberry Pre-Filter Assy DY-919171-02
13. Silver Bin Catch DY-911081-02
14. Spring DY-900199-85


01. Silver Tool Catch DY-911523-03
1. Ink Blue Tool Catch Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-911523-03
2. Spring DY-900199-21
3. Iron/Red Wand Assy DY-915676-01
3. White/Light Steel Wand Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-915676-02
4. Iron/Silver Hose Assy DY-915677-07
4. White/Silver Hose Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-915677-07
5. Iron Wand Cap DY-914114-01
5. Light Steel Wand Cap Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-914114-02
6. Spring DY-919900-39
7. Silver Tool Catch DY-911523-03
8. Iron Combination Tool Assy DY-914338-01
8a. Light Steel Combination Tool Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-914338-03
9. Iron Stair Tool Assy DY-915100-01
9a. Light Steel Stair Tool Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-915100-03
10. Instruction Pack Assy DY-914657-02
10a. Instruction Pack Assy Blueprint (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DY-914657-11
10b. Instruction Pack Assy MO Exclusive (Iron/Bright Silver/Platinum) DY-914657-16

Dyson DC50 Animal and Multifloor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Parts

1. Mattress Tool DY-908887-02
2. Stubborn Dirt/Stiff Bristle Brush Assy DY-918508-01
3. Tangle-free Turbine Tool DY-925068-02
4. Paddle Service Assy DY-963556-01
5. Soleplate Service Assy DY-963826-01
6. Flat Out Head Assy DY-914617-02
7. Dyzolv DY-903888-06
8. Dyson Groom DY-921001-01
9. Soft Dusting Brush DY-908896-02
10. Up Top Tool/Multi Angle Brush DY-917646-01
11. Flexi Crevice Tool Assy DY-917633-01
12a. Iron/Clear Car Cleaning Kit (Retail Pack) DY-908909-08
12b. Carpet Cleaning Kit DY-904975-03
13. Articulating Hard Floor Tool DY-920019-01
14. Zorb Pouch DY-903914-07

- xx. = Not shown on schematic.

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Dyson Silver Tool Catch, fits DC25 DC27 DC28 DC31 DC33 DC34 DC35 DC44 DC56 #DY-911523-03 Dyson Ink Blue Tool Catch. Manufacturer/Part number: DY-911523-04
Dyson Silver Tool Catch #DY-911523-03
List Price: $5.06
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Dyson Ink Blue Tool Catch #DY-911523-04
List Price: $5.06
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Dyson Switch, fits DC07 DC14 DC17 DC21 DC23 DC24 DC25 DC27 DC39 #DY-910971-01 Dyson DC25 End Cap Assembly #DY-916183-01
Dyson Switch #DY-910971-01
List Price: $8.38
Sale Price: $6.98
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Dyson DC25 End Cap Assembly #DY-916183-01
List Price: $8.42
Sale Price: $7.02
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Dyson White End Cap Assy. Manufacturer/Part number: DY-916183-02 Iron/Silver Hose Assy. Manufacturer/Part number: 915677-01
Dyson White End Cap Assembly #DY-916183-02
List Price: $8.42
Sale Price: $7.02
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Dyson Iron/Silver Hose Assembly #DY-915677-01
List Price: $40.67
Sale Price: $33.89
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Dyson White/Silver Hose Assy. Manufacturer/Part number: DY-915677-03 Iron/Silver Hose Assy. Manufacturer/Part number: 915677-07
Dyson White/Silver Hose Assembly #DY-915677-03
List Price: $40.67
Sale Price: $33.89
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Dyson Iron/Silver Hose Assembly #DY-915677-07
List Price: $40.67
Sale Price: $33.89
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Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships Same Day / Next Day
Dyson DC25 Cleaner Head Assembly #DY-915499-02 Dyson Grey Steel Cleaner Head Assy. Manufacturer/Part number: DY-915499-04
Dyson DC25 Cleaner Head Assembly #DY-915499-02
List Price: $83.35
Sale Price: $69.46
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Dyson Grey Steel Cleaner Head Assembly #DY-915499-04
List Price: $83.35
Sale Price: $69.46
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