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Dust Care FJ-113
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Dust Care FJ-113

1. Plastic Floor Brush FJ113-1
2. Sofa Brush FJ113-2
3. Accessory Holder FJ113-3
4. Nozzle and Small Brush FJ113-4
5. Tube FJ113-5
6. Handle FJ113-6
7. On/Off Button FJ113-7
8. Button Spring FJ113-8
9. Plastic Plate FJ113-9
10. Back Cover FJ113-10
11. Speed Control Button Cover FJ113-11
12. Circuit Parts FJ113-12
13. On/Off Switch FJ113-13
14. On/Off Switch Stand FJ113-14
15. Filter Bag Bracket FJ113-1-15
16. Front Cover Press Plate FJ113-16
17. Front Cover Clip FJ113-17
18. Front Cover Clip Spring FJ113-18
19. Front Cover FJ113-19
20. Seal Ring of Front Cover FJ113-20
21. Universal Wheel FJ113-21
22. Filter Bag FJ113-15
23. Secondary Filter FJ113-23
24. Filter Bag Seal Ring FJ113-24
25. Brush Clip FJ113-25
26. Base FJ113-26
27. Motor Seal Ring FJ113-27
28. Large Wheel FJ113-28
29. Hose Assembly FJ113-29
30. Motor FJ113-30
31. Motor Cover FJ113-31
32. Shakeproof Ring FJ113-32
33. Cord Rewinder Cover FJ113-33
34. Cord Rewinder FJ113-34
35. Circuit Parts FJ113-35
36. Stop Wheel Bracket Spring FJ113-36
37. Stop Wheel Bracket FJ113-37
38. Exhaust Plate FJ113-38
39. Exhaust Filter FJ113-39
40. Handle Plate FJ113-40
41. Shaft Cover FJ113-41
42. Cord Rewinder Shaft FJ113-42
43. Cord Protection Plastic Ring FJ113-43
44. Cord Rewinder Button FJ113-44
45. Cord Rewinder Press Pole FJ113-45
46. By-Pass Valve Cover FJ113-46
47. By-Pass Valve FJ113-47
48. By-Pass Valve Spring FJ113-48
49. By-Pass Valve Base FJ113-49
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Gasket-refr Door #WCI-218730610
Frigidaire Gasket-refr Door #WCI-218730610
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