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Dust Care CP-ST01
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Dust Care CP-ST01

1. Crevice Nozzle CP-ST01-1
2. Small Brush CP-ST01-2
3. Dust Cup CP-ST01-3
4. Air Tunnel CP-ST01-4
5. Filter Cover CP-ST01-5
6. Filter Frame CP-ST01-6
7. Latch Of Dust Cup CP-ST01-7
8. No Description CP-ST01-8
9. Right Body For Handheld Unit CP-ST01-9
10. Left Body For Handheld Unit CP-ST01-10
11. Pvc Sealing Of Vane Cover CP-ST01-11
12. No Description CP-ST01-12
13. Vane Cover CP-ST01-13
14. Motor Frame CP-ST01-14
15. Sliding Button For Switch CP-ST01-15
16. Motor CP-ST01-16
17. No Description CP-ST01-17
18. No Description CP-ST01-18
19. Battery CP-ST01-19
20. Battery Cover CP-ST01-20
21. Frame For Battery Cover CP-ST01-21
22. Front Cover Of Body CP-ST01-22
23. Latch Button For Handheld Unit CP-ST01-23
24. No Description CP-ST01-24
25. No Description CP-ST01-25
26. Turnup Plate For Locking Button On Metal Tube CP-ST01-26
27. Locking Clasp For Handheld Unit CP-ST01-27
28. No Description CP-ST01-28
29. No Description CP-ST01-29
30. Turnup Plate For Locking Button Of Handheld Unit CP-ST01-30
31. Touching Reed Frame CP-ST01-31
32. No Description CP-ST01-32
33. Locking Button Of Metal Tube CP-ST01-33
34. Back Cover Of Body CP-ST01-34
35. Holder Of Crevice Nozzle CP-ST01-35
36. Air Tunnel Of Body CP-ST01-36
37. Air Tunnel Cover Of Body CP-ST01-37
38. Swivel Elbow CP-ST01-38
39. Right Handle Grip Of Metal Tube CP-ST01-39
40. Left Handle Grip Of Metal Tube CP-ST01-40
41. Metal Tube Of Handle CP-ST01-41
42. Handle Compression Of Metal Tube CP-ST01-42
43. Bracket Of Metal Tube CP-ST01-43
44. Top Cover Of Brush CP-ST01-44
45. Switch Button Of Brush CP-ST01-45
46. Switch CP-ST01-46
47. No Description CP-ST01-47
48. No Description CP-ST01-48
49. Air Tunnel Cover Of Brush CP-ST01-49
50. Squeegee CP-ST01-50
51. Pvc Of Big Wheel CP-ST01-51
52. Big Wheels CP-ST01-51
53. Belt CP-ST01-53-1
53. Nozzle Motor CP-ST01-53
54. Motor Gear CP-ST01-54
55. Pulley For Brush Roll CP-ST01-55
56. Small Wheel CP-ST01-56
57. Transparent Window CP-ST01-57
58. Bottom Plate CP-ST01-58
59. End Cap CP-ST01-59
60. Brush Roll And Axis CP-ST01-60
61. Charging Base CP-ST01-61
62. Adapter CP-ST01-62
63. Charger/Transformer CP-ST01-63
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.