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Electric Wands Non-Electric Wands
Powered wands have a direct electrical connection to a powered hose. Use in conjunction with powered cleaner heads. more info
For use with non-powered central vacuum hoses and air driven (turbine) cleaner heads. more info

Information about Central Vacuum Wands

Central Vacuum Systems are the best full-home cleaning systems available. Whether you have a new home with a fresh installation, or you're buying a home with a central vacuum already installed, has the parts you need for getting your Central Vacuum system running, and staying like new. 

Electric vs. Non-Electric Central Vac Wands  

Central Vacuum Wands are a very important aspect of your system. These pieces connect your inlet and hose to your power or turbine head for maximum cleaning power. There are two important characteristics of these wands. Either you have an Electric Central Vacuum Wand, or a Non-Electric Central Vacuum Wand. It is easy to tell the difference when you look at your hose. If you don't see any electrical connection, then most likely it's a non-electric wand. 

Need More Information?

If you aren't quite sure of the difference, or which wand is going to be best for your current machine, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help you identify the wand you need to fit your machine and you cleaning goals. If you currently have a non-electric setup and you're looking to upgrade to an electric system, we can help you with that too. We've got every part you need to get your machine running like new, or even better than new. Contact us today for more information about your home-cleaning needs!