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Direct Connect Hoses Non-Electric & Low Voltage Hoses Pigtail Hoses
Direct Connect hoses have power connectors built directly into the front of the hose connection. more info
Either non-powered or no visible power connections for low-volt. more info
Pigtail hoses have an attached power cord to connect to a wall outlet. more info

What's the difference with Central Vac Hoses?

There are 4 distinct types of Central Vacuum Hoses. These hoses depend, almost completely, on the type of inlet valves you have in your home. Choosing the correct hose is an important aspect of how you interact with your Central Vacuum System and how you can accomplish your home cleaning goals.

Pigtail Hoses

Pigtail hoses typically function with non-powered wall inlets. These hoses are designed specifically to connect to a close-by wall power socket. In cases where your wall inlets are not powered (which is common) you can use a pigtail hose to connect a powered wand, and a powered cleaner head so you can get all the benefits of an electric cleaning system without running wires. 

Direct Connect Hoses

Direct Connect hoses are becoming more and more common. A superior form of wall inlet, they send power directly from the central vacuum power unit to the hose, wand, and cleaner head without having to plug in any extra wires. See the images at the top of this page to tell if you've got a direct connect hose, typically there will be a couple brass connectors which connect, directly, to your wall inlet.

Non-electric & Low-Voltage Hoses

Low voltage and non-electric central vacuum hoses are still very common in many household systems. The best way to tell if your hose is non-electric or low-voltage is by looking at the connection that fits into the inlet. If there are no metal conductors visible, most likely it is non-powered. But sometimes it's tricky to tell the difference. If you aren't quite sure which type of hose you have, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you in identifying it.

Need More Help?

In many cases, buying a new hose to connect to old wands and cleaner heads might provide poor functionality. It is important to make sure all of your Central Vacuum Components are operating well, that way you can have access to the best possible home cleaning your Central Vac System can provide. Many hoses are universal but there are differences in size and shape in some cases. If you need help, just send us a message!