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Central Vacuum Cleaner Heads

A central vacuum cleaner head is a very important aspect of your entire central vac system. From your garage or basement, throughout your house, and to the wall inlets, the entire system is built to support your vacuum's cleaning accessories. At the floor level, your cleaner head will help you control how your floors and clean and healthy. So special consideration should be made when looking to replace, or fix a cleaner head. There are two distinct types of cleaner heads.

Electric Cleaner Heads

These components operate on 110 volt power supplied either by your Super Valve (more info: central vac inlet valves) or from a Pigtail Central Vac Hose (more info: central vac hoses). This power travels down a powered wand (more info: central vac wands) to the cleaner head. These units have motors which power the brushroll to clean your carpets and floors.

Non-Electric Cleaner Heads

Many central vac owners still use non-electric cleaner heads. In many cases they consume less power, are a little lighter, and still have very strong cleaning power at the head. But these components do not have independently motorized brushrolls and, instead, are turbine-driven by the suction in your central vacuum system.

Need More Help?

If you aren't sure which cleaner head you're currently using, or if you have any other questions about your central vacuum system, don't hesitate to contact us. We're ready to help you with any questions from installation, repair, diagnosing, or replacing critical components of your central vacuum system.