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Popular Parts:
Brushroll Assembly CP-20000
Paper Bag 3 Pk CP-1400
Bulb, 15 Watts FA-3515


1. Dust Compartment CPU1T CP-75010
1. Dust Compartment CPU2T CP-75000
2. Cord Strain Relief All Models CP-32600
3. Switch On/Off All Models CP-34000
4. Cord Restraining Strap CP-32010
5. Cord Holder Screws CP-77000
6. Inner Switch Cover CP-34500
7. Inner Switch Cover Screws CP-77000
8. Secondary Filter CPU1T, CPU2T CP-18180
9. Motor Cover Seal 1 CP-76000
10. Motor Cover Seal 2 CP-76010
11. Dust Compartment Seal CP-76020
12. Paper Bag 3 Pk CP-1400
13. Dust Cover CPU1T, CPU2T (Yellow) CP-75020
14. Dust Cover Latch Spring CP-77020
15. Dust Cover Latch CP-75030
16. Inner Switch Cover Seal CP-76030
17. Wire Harness Cover CP-75040
18. Support Strap CP-75050
19. Motor Cover CP-79030
20. Motor Cover Screw CP-77000
21. Exhaust Filter Micro CPU1T CP-18010
21. Exhaust Filter Foam CPU2T CP-18020
22. Exhaust Filter Frame CP-18030
23. Thermal Switch CP-34501
24. Switch Screw CP-77012
25. Temperature Wire W/Switch CP-34502
26. Temperature Switch Seal CP-76040
27. Wheel Axle Assembly CP-71004
28. Decal Rear Wheel CP-74001
29. Wheel Rear Black CP-54021
30. Washer Rear Wheel CP-54024
31. E-Clip Ring, Rear Wheel CP-54025
32. Axle Rear Wheel CP-71000
33. Screw, Rear Axle CP-77013
34. Motor Wire Harness CP-36042
35. Motor Wire Bushing CP-36043
36. Zip Ties CP-36054
36. Cable Ties SS-8017
37. Wire Connectors CP-36070
38. Washer Rear Axle CP-71010
39. Screw Hose Clip CP-77020
40. Label Warning CP-74010
41. Hose Clip CP-75060
42. Gasket Suction Inlet CP-76055
43. Inlet, Paper Bag CP-75055
44. Seal, Inlet Small CP-76033
45. Suction Inlet Assembly (Inc. Item #45-48) CP-75555
46. Order Key #45 N/A
49. Screw, Suction Inlet CP-77033
50. Washer, Suction Inlet CP-71022
51. Spring. Suction Inlet CP-77055
52. N/A
53. Power Cord 30' Black CPU1T CP-30000
53. Power Cord 40' Yellow CPU2T CP-30105
54. Handle Assembly Complete CPU1T CP-70000
54. Handle Assembly Complete CPU2T CP-70010
55. Handle Only Metal CP-70050
56. Handle Foam Grip CP-70025
57. Handle Cap CP-70035
58. L-Bolt CP-54035
59. Cord Hook Holder CPU1T CP-54032
59. Cord Hook Holder CPU2T CP-70533
60. Lock Washer CP-54037
61. Nut For L Bolt CP-54033
62. Cord Hook Upper CPU1T CP-54019
62. Cord Hook Upper CPU2T CP-70517
63. Cord Hook Spring CP-54034
64. Cord Hook Washer CP-54036
65. Cord Hook Lower CP-70518
66. Screw Lower Cord Hook CP-77038
67. Handle Fitting CP-70354
68. Handle Screw CP-77232
69. Screw Small Handle Fitting CP-77424
70. Washer Handle Fitting CP-71022
71. Screw Handle Fitting CP-77732
72. On Board Tool Holder CP-75139
73. Screw For Tool Holder CP-77430
74. Screw Dust Compartment CP-77033
75. Hose Hanger CP-75140


1. Screw Hose Inlet Tube CP-77250
2. Hose Inlet Tube CP-73006
3. Nozzle Housing CPU1T CP-73000
3. Nozzle Housing CPU2T CP-73001
4. Nozzle Hose Cuff CP-73018
5. Nozzle Attachment Hose CP-73143
6. Nozzle Housing Pivot Bushing CP-73200
7. Lens Clip CP-73145
8. Headlight Lens CPU1T CP-73419
8. Cover Yellow CPU2T CP-73420
9. Name Plate CPU1T CP-74146
9. Name Plate CPU2T CP-74115
10. Washer Furniture Guard CP-77430
11. Screw For Furniture Guard CP-77000
12. Furniture Guard Black CP-74015
13. Headlight Socket CPU1T CP-73181
14. Headlight Bulb 15 Watts CPU1T CP-35060
14. Bulb, 15 Watts FA-3515
15. Screw Headlight Shield CPU1T CP-77732
16. Bottom Plate Assembly CP-54006
17. Bottom Plate Gasket CP-76006
18. Wheel Pin Bottom Plate CP-71043
19. Wheel, Bottom Plate 24.5 mm CP-71104
20. Push On Spring Nut CP-77546
22. Screw Bottom Plate CP-77220
23. Felt Packing Top CP-73409
24. Vented Support Fitting Bottom CP-73410
25. Belt FB-1002
26. Pedal Frame CP-73147
27. Belt Guard CP-73050
28. Screw Pedal Frame CP-77000
29. Pedal Spring CP-77204
30. Belt Cover Rear CP-73504
31. Screw Pedal Shaft CP-77000
32. Pedal Shaft CP-71030
33. E-Clip 4 mm CP-71732
34. Foot Pedal Black FB-73700
35. Motor Mount Rear CP-62148
36. Motor Assembly CP-60002
37. Temperature Wire CP-36149
38. Motor Mount Front CP-62150
39. Pivot Sleeve Metal CP-62231
40. Sound Suppressor/Foam CP-62139
41. Brushroll Assembly CP-20000
42. End Cap Rubber Cover Left CP-20512
43. End Cap Left CP-20527
44. Felt Cover CP-20560
45. Agitator Bearing CP-62208
46. Bearing Holder CP-62808
47. Brushroll Strips Nylon 10.3 mm Ea CP-22000
48. Agitator Pulley CP-20570
49. Spacing Spring CP-77624
50. End Cap Right Pulley Side CP-20528
51. End Cap Rubber Cover Right CP-20513
53. E-Clip 4 mm CP-71732
54. Agitator Shaft CP-20511
55. Spring Clip CP-77412
56. Headlight Shield CP-73288
57. Wands 2 Pc Assembly CP-50000
58. Upholstery Brush CP-52000
59. Crevice Tool CP-54000

-xx. = Not shown on schematic.

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Brush Strip, Cpu2 Nylon Bristle Belt, Fuller Brush/Carpet Pro W/Metal Handles Flat
Tacony/Carpet Pro/Fuller Brush Brush Strip, Cpu2 Nylon Bristle #CP-22000
List Price $4.92
Sale Price $4.10
You save $0.82!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships Same Day / Next Day
Paper Bag, Carpet Pro    Uprights 3Pk Cuff, Nozzle Hose Cpu2T
Tacony Carpet Pro Paper Bag, Uprights 3Pk #CP-1400
List Price $6.86
Sale Price $5.72
You save $1.14!
Tacony/Carpet Pro/Fuller Brush Cuff, Nozzle Hose Cpu2T #CP-73018
List Price $4.43
Sale Price $3.69
You save $0.74!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships Same Day / Next Day
Brushroll, Carpet Pro Cpu1/Cpu2 Filter, Secondary Cpu1T  Cpu2T
Tacony/Carpet Pro/Fuller Brush Brushroll, Cpu1/Cpu2 #CP-20000
List Price $58.82
Sale Price $49.02
You save $9.80!
Tacony Carpet Pro Filter, Secondary Cpu1T Cpu2T #CP-18180
List Price $3.62
Sale Price $3.02
You save $0.60!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships Same Day / Next Day
Guard, Furniture Fb-Hd1 Cpu2 Filter, Exhaust Cpu2T    Foam
Tacony Carpet Pro Guard, Furniture Fb-Hd1 Cpu2 #CP-74015
List Price $7.60
Sale Price $6.33
You save $1.27!
Tacony Carpet Pro Filter, Exhaust Cpu2T Foam #CP-18020
List Price $8.16
Sale Price $6.80
You save $1.36!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 3 days
Hook, Cord Upper Cpu1T Cpu2T Cord, Power 40' 16/3 Yellow
Tacony/Carpet Pro/Fuller Brush Hook, Cord Upper Cpu1T Cpu2T #CP-54019
List Price $13.58
Sale Price $11.32
You save $2.26!
Tacony Carpet Pro Cord, Power 40' 16/3 Yellow #CP-30105
List Price $41.91
Sale Price $31.44
You save $10.47!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 3 days