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Bissell Parts: Find Any Bissell Part in 3 Clicks!

Your Bissell Vacuum is an important part of keeping your home clean; which means it must be running efficiently. Why pay for another vacuum when, in most cases, your machine can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacing it? That's why we say: If It's Broke, Fix It! Whether you need specific Bissell Parts to get your vacuum or carpet cleaner running again, or a bag, belt, or filter to maintain a working machine; we've got every part you could need to make sure your Bissell is running efficiently and effectively.

With detailed schematics to show you every single part in your machine, you can find the right part in just 3 clicks. From the Bissell Lift-Off and the Bissell Proheat, to the Little Green Spot Remover and Steam Mops, we've got you covered. Maintenance is an important aspect of increasing the life of your machine, so buy replacements from the Largest Online Vacuum Parts Retailer , and feel confident that you'll get the best price and the best support for your vacuum and carpet cleaning needs.

About the Bissell Company

From the company's start in 1876 by Anna and Melville Bissell of Grand Rapids, Michigan, its products were based on real American household needs. The Carpet Sweeper, Bissell's groundbreaking original product, was invented by Melville Bissell to help his wife Anna to more efficiently clean the carpet, saving her time and energy. The resulting popularity of The Carpet Sweeper led to the 1883 opening of Bissell's first manufacturing plant. Since then, Bissell vacuum cleaners have been at the forefront of the home cleaning industry. Bissell has a history of crossing thresholds, such as Anna Bissell's reign as the first female corporate CEO.

Under her leadership, the Bissell vacuum line expanded to include deep carpet cleaners (using heated water to better penetrate deep-down dirt), carpet shampoos to easily clean carpets, and lightweight vacuums for maneuverability and storage in smaller homes. Following in the barrier-breaking footsteps of Anna Bissell, today's Bissell products are constantly improved to better suit consumer cleaning needs around the home. The release of Pet Inspired products (such as the Pet Hair Eraser Corded Hand Vacuum in 2008) that were specifically designed to tackle pet messes gave consumers a relationship with the Bissell brand.

By using strategic marketing campaigns to promote these pet-friendly products, Bissell positioned itself as a company that simplifies home cleaning with respect to the reality of home messes. These marketing ventures are still in effect today, with an entire site devoted to pet lovers and the Bissell pet community. The Bissell Little Green line cashed in on the global trend towards environmentally friendly products, utilizing post-consumer material to make the vacuum cleaner bissell cleaning machines. These new bisell products geared toward niches in consumer needs have secured Bissell vacuum cleaners as a must-have in the modern American family.

With Bissell's important role in your household cleanliness, it is important to find the right Bissell parts to fix your machine. At, all Bissell parts are at your fingertips with 3 easy clicks.