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Whirlpool KBAU272TSS00

Whirlpool KBAU272TSS00
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Whirlpool KBAU272TSS00

1. U & C Guide / Instructions, Installation WPL-W101180968
2. Frame, Door WPL-W10141428
3. Hole Plug WPL-W10128696
4. Door, Right WPL-W10141429
5. Bracket, Handle WPL-W10137052
6. Handle, Door WPL-W10141200
7. Magnet, Door WPL-W10128697
8. Door, Left WPL-W10141430
9. Tray, Condiment WPL-5702M027-60
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Whirlpool Kit,clk/overlay Bsq Ele #WPL-5702M027-60 Whirlpool Bracket #WPL-W10137052
Whirlpool Kit,clk/overlay Bsq Ele #WPL-5702M027-60
Our Price: $328.78
Sale Price: 273.98
You save $54.80!
Whirlpool Bracket #WPL-W10137052
Our Price: $39.86
Sale Price: 33.22
You save $6.64!
Usually ships within 7 days Currently Unavailable
Whirlpool Hndle-door #WPL-W10141200
Whirlpool Hndle-door #WPL-W10141200
Our Price: $45.31
Sale Price: 37.76
You save $7.55!
Usually ships within 7 days