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Ridgid AC9934

Ridgid AC9934
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Ridgid AC9934

1. Lock Nut (M8) RG-999130005
2. Table Top RG-999130006
3. Bolt (M8 x 30 mm, Hex Hd) RG-999130009
4. Data Label RG-999130903
5. Upper Tube Assembly RG-999130002
6. Lanyard RG-999130012
7. Washer (D12 x D53 x 10t) RG-999130017
8. Screw (M5 x 10 mm, Pan Hd) RG-999130013
9. Lock Pin RG-999130011
10. Height Adjust Lock Lever Assembly RG-999130700
11. Lock Lever Clamp RG-999130007
12. Spring RG-999130018
13. Washer (D20 x D106 x 15t) RG-999130016
14. Pivot Bracket RG-999130001
15. Bolt (M8 x 45 mm, Hex Hd) RG-999130004
16. Washer (D19 x D85 x 15t) RG-999130014
17. Lower Tube Assembly RG-999130003
18. Warning Label (English) RG-999130900
19. Warning Label (French) RG-999130901
20. Warning Label (Spanish) RG-999130902
21. Washer (D83 x D248 x 2t) RG-999130015
22. Rubber Foot RG-999130008
XX. Operators Manual RG-987000965
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Ridgid Manual Operator'S Ac9934 #RG-987000965 Ridgid Height Adjust Lock Lever Assembly #RG-999130700
Ridgid Manual Operator'S Ac9934 #RG-987000965
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Ridgid Height Adjust Lock Lever Assembly #RG-999130700
Our Price: $12.58
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