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Maytag UXT2036AAB

Maytag UXT2036AAB
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Maytag UXT2036AAB

1. Cover, Outlet Box MAC-47001055
2. Screw WPL-Y706189
3. Receptacle, Bulb WPL-8190871
4. Lens, Bulb WPL-8186930
5. Kit, Nut & Screw WPL-47001080
6. Blade, Fan WPL-8190873
7. Nut, Hex(must Order Locally) MAC-Y03050041
8. Bracket, Motor MAC-47001060
9. Motor Assy. WPL-8186945
10. Filter (aluminum) WPL-47001062
11. Retainer, Filter WPL-47001063
12. Label, Switch (blk) MAC-47001065
13. Switch, Motor (blk) WPL-71002958
14. Switch, Light (blk) WPL-31986601B
15. Receptacle, Motor MAC-47001068
16. Screw, Ground WPL-71001171
NI. Manual, Use & Care WPL-47001201
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Whirlpool Lens-light #WPL-8186930 Whirlpool Switch, Rocker (blk) #WPL-31986601B
Whirlpool Lens-light #WPL-8186930
Our Price: $19.30
Sale Price: 16.08
You save $3.22!
Whirlpool Switch, Rocker (blk) #WPL-31986601B
Our Price: $37.37
Sale Price: 31.14
You save $6.23!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships Same Day / Next Day
Whirlpool Motor-fan #WPL-8186945 Whirlpool Socket #WPL-8190871
Whirlpool Motor-fan #WPL-8186945
Our Price: $173.59
Sale Price: 144.66
You save $28.93!
Whirlpool Socket #WPL-8190871
Our Price: $50.51
Sale Price: 42.09
You save $8.42!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 7 days
Whirlpool Blade-fan #WPL-8190873
Whirlpool Blade-fan #WPL-8190873
Our Price: $37.75
Sale Price: 31.46
You save $6.29!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day