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Belt AC28SJPZ00
Agitator Unit AC84RBZDZ000
Secondary Filter AC37KBYDZ000


01. Dust Compartment AC78KCHTZV07
02. Dust Cover AC60KBRSZU01
03. Power Cord AC94EAPNZY02
04. Wire Connector AMC-1CTCE23
05. Rear Cover Packing AC02LBJAZ000
06. Body Packing, Left AC40AYUZV00
07. Body Packing, Right AC39AAJFZV00
08. On/Off Switch AC01EAMMZV00
09. On/Off Button AC01EAMMZV07
10. Switch Cover AC03EAMMZV07
11. Screw, Switch Cover AXTN4+16BFY
12. Suction Inlet AC60HCHTZV07
13. Screw, Body AXTN4+16BFY
14. Washer (Wheel) AXWG6E115Y
15. Wheel AMC01C-VOOU
16. Stopper (Wheel) AC74SUSZ00
17. Shaft, Roller AC16CUSZ00
18. Protector AC69KJMZV06
19. Protector Spring AC70KAGZZR00
20. Protector Cover AC68KJMZV06
21. Handle Assembly AC95BCHTZV07
22. Nut, Handle AMP21B-170
23. Screw, Handle AMC73B-V00
24. Motor Support, Rubber (Rear) AC03FAFVZ000
25. Motor, Fan AC92FAWRZ00
26. Motor Support, Rubber (Front) AMC02F-E00
27. Motor Cap AC26FCHTZ000
28. Lead Wire, Motor AC38GARTZ000
29. Lead Wire Assembly AC99WBDNZ000
30. Wire Cord AC37GTEZ0U
31. Filter, Exhaust (Foam) AC37KBVWZ000
32. Frame, Filter AC43ABRSZ000
33. Cover, Filter AC41KCHFZU03
34. Hose AC34PVO2V06
35. Packing, Dust AC74KBFEZ000
36. Secondary Filter AC37KBYDZ000
37. Screw, Handle Cover AXTN4+16BFY
38. Handle Cover A AC06BCHTZV07
39. Handle Cover B AC07BCHTZV07
40. Handle Lid AC14BCHFZV07
41. Handle AC64BBFEZV07
42. Filter Unit AC95KBRSZ000
43. Valve Grommet AC45KBFEZ000
44. Filter Case AC42KCHTZBUU
45. Plastic Holder AC78NZAZ000


01. Nozzle Housing AC01ACHTZU03
02. Window AC21H2XZU03
03. Shaft (Plastic) AMC25S-V00
04. Furniture Guard AC10A2VZV07
05. Packing (Nozzle) AMC81A-V00
06. Frame AMC43A-2V0
07. Spring (Pedal) AMC58A-2V0
08. Pedal AMC47A-2V0U
09. Screw (Frame) AXTN4+16BFY
10. Belt AC28SJPZ00
11. Lower Plate Assembly AC91AARFZ00
12. Lower Plate AC27AADGZ00
13. Warning Label AC07ZADFZ00
14. Belt Cover (Rear) AMC11S-2V0W
15. Stop Latch Spring AC70NYUZ00
16. Latch AMC68N-V30K
17. Pedal Shaft AMC51A-2V0
18. Spacer AMC74S-Z100G
19. Packing (Lower Plate Front) AC74AAAEZ00
20. Screw (Spacer) AXTN4+28BFY
21. Screw (Nozzle) AMC68A-V30
22. Agitator Holder AMC82A-2V0
23. Packing (Lower Plate Sides) AMC39A-2V0
24. Packing (Lower Plate Back) AMC74A-2V0
25. Agitator Unit AC84RBZDZ000

-xx. = Not shown on schematic.

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Panasonic Screw (Spacer) Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate)
Panasonic Screw (Spacer) #AXTN4+28BFY
List Price $2.84
Sale Price 2.37
You save $0.47!
Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate) #AMC39A-2V0
List Price $4.44
Sale Price 3.70
You save $0.74!
Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable
Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate Back) Panasonic Packing (Right)
Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate Back) #AMC74A-2V0
List Price $4.97
Sale Price 4.14
You save $0.83!
Panasonic Packing (Right) #AC39AAJFZV00
List Price $5.21
Sale Price 4.34
You save $0.87!
Currently Unavailable Currently Unavailable
Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate Front) Panasonic Agitator Holder Assembly
Panasonic Packing (Lower Plate Front) #AC74AAAEZ00
List Price $5.41
Sale Price 4.51
You save $0.90!
Panasonic Agitator Holder Assembly #AMC82A-2V0
List Price $5.86
Sale Price 4.88
You save $0.98!
Currently Unavailable Usually ships within 3 days
Panasonic Nut (Handle Screw) Panasonic Lead Wire
Panasonic Nut (Handle Screw) #AMP21B-170
List Price $5.95
Sale Price 4.96
You save $0.99!
Panasonic Lead Wire #AC38GARTZ000
List Price $6.04
Sale Price 5.03
You save $1.01!
Usually ships within 3 days Usually ships within 7 days
Panasonic Latch (Lower Plate) Panasonic Screw (Handle)
Panasonic Latch (Lower Plate) #AMC68N-V30K
List Price $6.05
Sale Price 5.04
You save $1.01!
Panasonic Screw (Handle) #AMC73B-V00
List Price $6.25
Sale Price 5.21
You save $1.04!
Usually ships within 3 days Usually ships within 3 days