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1. Insulation GEH-WR82X177
5. Bushing GEH-WR01X5577
6. Stop, Door GEH-WR02X7412
7. Door Shelf Front GEH-WR17X40316150
8. Nameplate Frz O.door Ge GEH-WR3X408
10. Door Dairy GEH-WR22X0303
11. Door Dairy/utility Asm GEH-WR22X0305
12. Gasket, Door Ff GEH-WR24X5214
13. Inner Door GEH-WR77X5638
14. Cap Shelf Frt GEH-WR2X7233
16. Refrigerator Door Pan-wh GEH-WR78X7789
16. Refrigertr Door Pan-hvst GEH-WR78X7790
16. Refrigerator Door Pan-ad GEH-WR78X7791
17. Insert, Handle GEH-WR12X5177
18. Handle Door Casting GEH-WR12X317
19. Screw-sm GEH-WR01X5578
20. Screw-sm. Ext. Asm GEH-WR1X5579
22. Screw GEH-WR01X5576
23. Plug Button (hvst) GEH-WR02X7416
23. Plug Button (ad) GEH-WR02X7417
23. Plug Button (wh) GEH-WR02X7415
24. Plug Button (hvst) GEH-WR02X7406
24. Plug Button (ad) GEH-WR02X7407
24. Plug Button (wh) GEH-WR02X7405
25. Tray-butter GEH-WR19X5017
26. Bucket Utility GEH-WR32X1560
34. Screw, Mullion GEH-WR1X5546
35. Hinge Top GEH-WR13X5190
36. Shim, Top Hinge GEH-WR01X5582
37. Bushing GEH-WR02X7411
38. Shim GEH-WR02X7410
39. Cap Shelf Frt GEH-WR2X7232
40. Fastener Tubular GEH-WR2X4990
41. Trim, Door GEH-WR38X5402
42. Cap Handle GEH-WR12X320
43. Screw-shldr GEH-WR1X5583
44. Screw Mach GEH-WR01X5584
45. Channel-handle Upper Ff GEH-WR12X5175
45. Channel-handle Lower Ff GEH-WR12X5176
46. Shim GEH-WR02X7418
47. Divider Shelf GEH-WR02X7234
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Screw #GEH-WR1X5546 General Electric Screw Trim #GEH-WR1X5579
General Electric Screw #GEH-WR1X5546
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General Electric Screw Trim #GEH-WR1X5579
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General Electric Screw Handle #GEH-WR1X5583 General Electric Bucket Utility White #GEH-WR32X1560
General Electric Screw Handle #GEH-WR1X5583
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Sale Price: 4.70
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General Electric Bucket Utility White #GEH-WR32X1560
Our Price: $83.98
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General Electric Nameplate Fz #GEH-WR3X408 General Electric Fbrgls Insul #GEH-WR82X177
General Electric Nameplate Fz #GEH-WR3X408
Our Price: $46.16
Sale Price: 38.47
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General Electric Fbrgls Insul #GEH-WR82X177
Our Price: $41.16
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