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9. Clip GEH-WB2X7566
34. Socket Lamp GEH-WB08X0275
280. Lamp 125v 25w GEH-WB36X805
923. Control Panel GEH-WB6X427
1121. Thermostat Switch GEH-WB24X807
1200. Outer Case GEH-WB56X2097
1205. Body Latch GEH-WB06X0263
1206. Power Cord (gray) GEH-WB18X513
1212. Locking Button GEH-WB1X1449
1216. Duct Sensor GEH-WB6X247
1217. Hinge Lower GEH-WB10X286
1219. Supporter-hinge GEH-WB1X1497
1220. Cover Air GEH-WB6X267
1279. Clip Plug Wht GEH-WB6X321
1300. Locking Clip "b" GEH-WB01X1498
1301. Sleeve-fan Motor GEH-WB1X1499
1419. Stirrer Blade GEH-WB6X262
1423. Fan Motor Asm GEH-WB26X166
1430. Thermostat Switch GEH-WB24X410
1433. Hv Transformer GEH-WB27X921
1434. Magnetron . GEH-WB27X10249
1437. Bracket-hvc GEH-WB6X377
1438. Capacit0r GEH-WB27X588
1439. Hv Diode (rectifier) GEH-WB27X1160
1445. Switch, Monitor GEH-WB24X829
1446. Switch, Primary & Second GEH-WB24X829
1450. Cover Stirrer GEH-WB63X446
1475. Cover, Oven Lamp GEH-WB6X353
1477. Foot GEH-WB6X257
1478. Pin Foot GEH-WB6X139
1485. Cushion,cover Oven Lamp GEH-WB6X243
1499. Bracket Mounting GEH-WB6X245
1507. Shelf Oven GEH-WB48X194
1517. Gas Sensor Assembly GEH-WB27X1170
1539. Spacer Stirrer Blade GEH-WB02X9971
1550. Cushion Lamp GEH-WB6X426
1564. Wire Harness S GEH-WB18X535
1605. Window Display GEH-WB36X925
1621. Holder Fuse . GEH-WB06X10005
1626. Fuse GEH-WB27X7
1648. Wire Harness Asm. "a" GEH-WB18X510
1649. Wire Harness B GEH-WB18X531
1650. Wire Lead A GEH-WB18X453
1654. Key Panel Asm GEH-WB27X10057
1655. Smartboard GEH-WB27X976
1663. Lv Transformer GEH-WB27X1115
1800. Door Asm GEH-WB55X10039
1801. Door Assembly GEH-WB55X801
1805. Door Inner GEH-WB55X798
1807. Film Door GEH-WB6X249
1815. Spring Door Key GEH-WB9X287
1817. Hinge Upper Wh GEH-WB10X290
1827. Screen Door Film GEH-WB55X890
1830. Key Door GEH-WB10X284
1832. Push Button GEH-WB6X428
1834. Lever Door GEH-WB6X253
5015. Holder-sensor GEH-WB6X549
5512. Spring-button GEH-WB09X10009
9999. Mini-manual/wire Diagram GEH-31-20068
9999. Use & Care Manual GEH-49-40021
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Holder-Fuse. #GEH-WB06X10005 General Electric Spring-Button #GEH-WB09X10009
General Electric Holder-Fuse. #GEH-WB06X10005
Our Price: $22.14
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General Electric Spring-Button #GEH-WB09X10009
Our Price: $9.59
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General Electric Wind Display #GEH-WB36X925 General Electric Sprg Dr Key #GEH-WB9X287
General Electric Wind Display #GEH-WB36X925
Our Price: $17.17
Sale Price: 14.31
You save $2.86!
General Electric Sprg Dr Key #GEH-WB9X287
Our Price: $6.32
Sale Price: 5.27
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General Electric Tray-Cooking #GEH-WB48X194 General Electric Door Inner #GEH-WB55X798
General Electric Tray-Cooking #GEH-WB48X194
Our Price: $156.50
Sale Price: 130.42
You save $26.08!
General Electric Door Inner #GEH-WB55X798
Our Price: $15.94
Sale Price: 13.28
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Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Currently Unavailable
General Electric Door Assembly #GEH-WB55X801 General Electric Outer Case #GEH-WB56X2097
General Electric Door Assembly #GEH-WB55X801
Our Price: $137.27
Sale Price: 114.39
You save $22.88!
General Electric Outer Case #GEH-WB56X2097
Our Price: $136.49
Sale Price: 113.74
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Currently Unavailable Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Pin Foot #GEH-WB6X139 General Electric Cush Cvr Ovl #GEH-WB6X243
General Electric Pin Foot #GEH-WB6X139
Our Price: $6.95
Sale Price: 5.79
You save $1.16!
General Electric Cush Cvr Ovl #GEH-WB6X243
Our Price: $8.63
Sale Price: 7.19
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Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days