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1. Control Panel GEH-WB2X9505
19. Element Control-1200w GEH-WB23M8
19. Element Control-1900w GEH-WB23M9
19. Infinite Heat Switch GEH-WB23K5052
27. Infinite Control Seal GEH-WB2X9504
29. Infinite Knob GEH-WB3X800
33. Indicator Light-burn Box GEH-WB25M0007
33. Indicator Light-cnt Pnl GEH-WB25M0006
35. Selector Switch GEH-WB24X449
40. Selector Knob GEH-WB3X799
51. Glass Main Top Asm Comp GEH-WB57K5195
56. Surface Element-1200w GEH-WB23K5046
57. Surface Element 1900w GEH-WB30X5111
58. Surface Element 2400w GEH-WB30T10005
60. Radiant Spring GEH-WB9K5014
61. Burner Box Bottom Asm GEH-WB64K5081
62. Radiant Heater Bracket GEH-WB2M83
67. Radiant Heater Stud GEH-WB2X9502
82. Temp Limiter 1200w GEH-WB21X496
82. Thermal Switch-1900w GEH-WB21X497
82. Terminal Block GEH-WB17M2
82. Thermal Switch 2400w GEH-WB21X495
90. Burner Box Support GEH-WB2K5154
95. Hot Light Bracket GEH-WB2X9500
560. Breaker Box GEH-WB34M10
561. Fuse Box Mtg Plate GEH-WB34M9
562. Circuit Breaker-20 Amp GEH-WB20K5022
587. Breaker Box Barrier GEH-WB34M21
590. Conduit Nut GEH-WB01X1299
595. Conduit Plate GEH-WB2X9867
600. Conduit Wire Asm GEH-WB23X0091
600. Conduit Wire Asm GEH-WB18M21
801. Screw GEH-WB1M1
802. Screw GEH-WB01K5123
804. Screw GEH-WB1X681
805. Screw GEH-WB1X1113
809. Screw GEH-WB1X1137
813. Screw Ground GEH-WB1X1261
814. Screw GEH-WB1X1258
842. Screw GEH-WB1X1297
869. Screw GEH-WB1M12
870. Screw GEH-WB01M0010
926. Washer GEH-WB1X1260
961. Retainer Clip GEH-WB2X9501
962. Clip Push On GEH-WB17M4
980. Hex Nut GEH-WB1X1129
988. Hex Nut GEH-WB01M0011
999. Glass Cleaner GEH-WX10X300
999. Label Wire Diag (french) GEH-31-1311-2
999. Instructions Brkr Eng/fr GEH-INT144
999. Main Wire Harness GEH-WB18K5331
999. Cleaner Instr GEH-31-1012-2
999. Use Care Manual GEH-29-5000
999. Razor Blade Scraper GEH-WX10X302
999. Installation Instruction GEH-INT132
999. Label Wire Diag (eng) GEH-31-1311-3
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Brnr Box Sup #GEH-WB2K5154 General Electric Rad Htr Brkt #GEH-WB2M83
General Electric Brnr Box Sup #GEH-WB2K5154
Our Price: $62.78
Sale Price: 52.32
You save $10.46!
General Electric Rad Htr Brkt #GEH-WB2M83
Our Price: $14.39
Sale Price: 11.99
You save $2.40!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Bracket #GEH-WB2X9500 General Electric Stud #GEH-WB2X9502
General Electric Bracket #GEH-WB2X9500
Our Price: $11.93
Sale Price: 9.94
You save $1.99!
General Electric Stud #GEH-WB2X9502
Our Price: $7.34
Sale Price: 6.12
You save $1.22!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Seal-Switch #GEH-WB2X9504 General Electric Mount Panel #GEH-WB2X9505
General Electric Seal-Switch #GEH-WB2X9504
Our Price: $31.75
Sale Price: 26.46
You save $5.29!
General Electric Mount Panel #GEH-WB2X9505
Our Price: $51.96
Sale Price: 43.30
You save $8.66!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Cond Plate #GEH-WB2X9867 General Electric Surface Element-2500W #GEH-WB30T10005
General Electric Cond Plate #GEH-WB2X9867
Our Price: $37.34
Sale Price: 31.12
You save $6.22!
General Electric Surface Element-2500W #GEH-WB30T10005
Our Price: $134.81
Sale Price: 112.34
You save $22.47!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships Same Day / Next Day
General Electric Surface Element #GEH-WB30X5111 General Electric Breaker Box #GEH-WB34M10
General Electric Surface Element #GEH-WB30X5111
Our Price: $189.72
Sale Price: 158.10
You save $31.62!
General Electric Breaker Box #GEH-WB34M10
Our Price: $69.70
Sale Price: 58.08
You save $11.62!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 7 days