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1. Basket GEH-WR21X10022
2. Divider GEH-WR21X10023
4. Drain Plug Inner GEH-WR02X10794
5. Drain Plug Outer GEH-WR02X10677
7. Dial-c0ld Control GEH-WR02X10679
11. Cold Control GEH-WR09X10053
13. Running Capacitor GEH-WR62X79
14. Clamp GEH-WR02X10680
16. Ptc-relay GEH-WR07X10051
19. Side Grille GEH-WR17X403110821
26. Cover-hinge Low GEH-WR13X10132
28. Cover Hinge Uppper GEH-WR13X10133
29. Hinge GEH-WR13X10263
102. Cord Power Asm GEH-WR23X10300
999. Mini Manual GEH-31-51330
999. Owners Manual GEH-49-60107
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Capacitor #GEH-WR62X79 General Electric Drain Plug Outer #GEH-WR02X10677
General Electric Capacitor #GEH-WR62X79
Our Price: $35.94
Sale Price: 29.95
You save $5.99!
General Electric Drain Plug Outer #GEH-WR02X10677
Our Price: $204.53
Sale Price: 170.44
You save $34.09!
Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Dial-C0Ld Control #GEH-WR02X10679 General Electric Clamp #GEH-WR02X10680
General Electric Dial-C0Ld Control #GEH-WR02X10679
Our Price: $7.34
Sale Price: 6.12
You save $1.22!
General Electric Clamp #GEH-WR02X10680
Our Price: $10.90
Sale Price: 9.08
You save $1.82!
Currently Unavailable Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Basket #GEH-WR21X10022 General Electric Divider #GEH-WR21X10023
General Electric Basket #GEH-WR21X10022
Our Price: $48.20
Sale Price: 40.17
You save $8.03!
General Electric Divider #GEH-WR21X10023
Our Price: $18.68
Sale Price: 15.57
You save $3.11!
Usually ships within 7 days Currently Unavailable