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10. Catac'tr,compr 400v,22.5 GEH-WP20X3
15. Capacitor,f Mtr,440v,4uf GEH-WJ20X745
20. Compressor Overload GEH-WJ23X324
25. Fan Motor Ass'y Kfc6t-91 GEH-WJ94X636
35. Thermostat Room GEH-WP26X42
38. Thermistor GEH-WP27X53
45. Main Switch Asm GEH-WP28X56
54. Terminal Base GEH-WP3X11
55. Filter GEH-WJ85X158
56. Track, Filter Lh GEH-WJ71X2278
57. Track, Filter Rh GEH-WJ71X2279
58. Chassis Locking Bracket GEH-WJ66X514
60. Knob Asm GEH-WP12X14
65. Power Transformer GEH-WJ27X81
70. Power Cord GEH-WJ35X10005
74. Strain Relief GEH-WJ2X552
75. Heater Assembly GEH-WJ70X361
78. Check Valve Asm GEH-WJ27X82
79. Heater Protector GEH-WJ23X318
80. Fuse Assy GEH-WJ23X323
81. Fuse Asm-top Elment Line GEH-WJ23X323
83. Mounting, Lever GEH-WP3X21
84. Varistor GEH-WP27X54
87. Thermistor GEH-WP27X46
90. Printed Circuit Board GEH-WP29X59
100. Compressor GEH-WJ98X1034
110. Condenser Ass'y GEH-WJ88X330
111. Condenser Guide GEH-WJ65X379
112. Insulation, Evap. GEH-WJ45X87
120. Evaporator Kit GEH-WJ87X370
130. Reversing Valve GEH-WJ58X57
131. Solenoid Coil Ass'y GEH-WJ59X21
160. Cap Tube Cut To 36" GEH-WJ53X130
161. Strainer Asm GEH-WP56X0007
180. Blower, I.d. GEH-WJ74X159
185. Evaporator Casing GEH-WJ76X315
186. Scroll GEH-WJ76X312
187. Scroll Top GEH-WJ76X313
188. Screen GEH-WJ85X162
190. Fan, O.d. GEH-WJ73X166
196. Casing Ass'y Condenser GEH-WJ76X0355
200. Grille Assy GEH-WJ71X2395
204. Door Frame GEH-WJ71X2282
208. Blade GEH-WJ71X2274
211. Grille Clip (strike) GEH-WJ2X551
212. Mounting, Grille Clip GEH-WJ2X549
214. Louver Link Rh GEH-WJ71X2277
215. Louver Link Lh GEH-WJ71X2276
225. Frame Assy GEH-WJ71X2275
232. Louver Mtg Clip Rh GEH-WJ2X547
233. Louver Mtg Clip Lh GEH-WJ2X548
310. Escutcheon GEH-WJ07X10008
320. Drip Tray GEH-WJ70X367
323. Cover, Drip Tray GEH-WJ70X366
360. Damper Door GEH-WJ70X368
365. Cable, Damper Door GEH-WJ14X162
366. Vent Lever GEH-WJ14X0163
367. Bracket Damper GEH-WJ66X485
401. Grommet Crompressor Mtg GEH-WJ1X762
407. Cover Terminal GEH-WJ79X528
408. Nut Terminal Cover GEH-WJ1X884
410. Gasket Terminal Cover GEH-WJ43X454
422. Nut Compressor Mtg GEH-WJ01X0763
436. Accumulator Clamp GEH-WJ2X481
565. Plate Elec Box GEH-WJ79X0550
590. Evaporator Cover Asm GEH-WJ79X0547
608. Basepan Drain Valve GEH-WJ58X54
613. Latch, Grille Mtg GEH-WJ2X546
616. Condenser Cover Asm GEH-WJ79X545
702. Grommet GEH-WJ41X191
703. Cushion Rubber GEH-WJ41X191
705. Splasher Water Proof GEH-WJ41X191
709. Mtg Thermostat GEH-WP3X16
713. Capacitor Clamp GEH-WP3X13
725. Mounting Plate Fan Motor GEH-WJ65X353
733. Reinforcement Angle GEH-WJ66X486
734. Insulation Tube GEH-WJ1X886
800. Bracket GEH-WJ66X487
9999. Use And Care Manual GEH-49-7328
9999. Mini Manual GEH-31-60133
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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General Electric Frame Assembly #GEH-WJ71X2275 General Electric Louver Link Lh #GEH-WJ71X2276
General Electric Frame Assembly #GEH-WJ71X2275
Our Price: $104.41
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General Electric Louver Link Lh #GEH-WJ71X2276
Our Price: $36.32
Sale Price: 30.27
You save $6.05!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Louver Link Rh #GEH-WJ71X2277 General Electric Door Frame #GEH-WJ71X2282
General Electric Louver Link Rh #GEH-WJ71X2277
Our Price: $35.27
Sale Price: 29.39
You save $5.88!
General Electric Door Frame #GEH-WJ71X2282
Our Price: $19.90
Sale Price: 16.58
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Usually ships Same Day / Next Day Usually ships within 7 days
General Electric Grille Assembly #GEH-WJ71X2395 General Electric Od Fan Assembly #GEH-WJ73X166
General Electric Grille Assembly #GEH-WJ71X2395
Our Price: $360.76
Sale Price: 300.63
You save $60.13!
General Electric Od Fan Assembly #GEH-WJ73X166
Our Price: $111.96
Sale Price: 93.30
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Currently Unavailable Usually ships Same Day / Next Day
General Electric Blower I.D. #GEH-WJ74X159 General Electric Scroll #GEH-WJ76X312
General Electric Blower I.D. #GEH-WJ74X159
Our Price: $113.21
Sale Price: 94.34
You save $18.87!
General Electric Scroll #GEH-WJ76X312
Our Price: $78.28
Sale Price: 65.23
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General Electric Scroll Top #GEH-WJ76X313 General Electric Term Cover #GEH-WJ79X528
General Electric Scroll Top #GEH-WJ76X313
Our Price: $7.78
Sale Price: 6.48
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General Electric Term Cover #GEH-WJ79X528
Our Price: $16.37
Sale Price: 13.64
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Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days