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Frigidaire PL36PC40EC

Frigidaire PL36PC40EC
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Frigidaire PL36PC40EC

16. Plate,mounting ,electric System WCI-5304455010
19. Bracket,transformer ,protector WCI-5304454950
26. Lamp,halogen ,20 W ,12 V WCI-5304454951
38. Control Box,pc Board WCI-5304454953
39. Cover,electrical Box WCI-5304454954
45. Housing,blower Fan ,scroll WCI-5304454955
53. Washer,motor Mount ,rubber WCI-5304454958
62. Housing,blower Assembly WCI-5304455006
63. Bracket,support Frame ,upper WCI-5304455016
64. Panel,filter Support WCI-5304454970
92. Bracket,switch Support WCI-5304454975
113. Nameplate WCI-5304454978
115. Wiring Box WCI-5304455023
116. Cover,wiring Box WCI-5304455018
118. Chimney,duct Cover ,lower Flue WCI-5304455019
119. Chimney,duct Cover ,upper Flue WCI-5304455020
124. Frame,support ,lower WCI-5304455021
125. Frame,support ,upper WCI-5304455022
144. Clamp,wiring WCI-5304454982
165. Electrical Box,with Cover WCI-5304454989
223. Push Button,control Switch WCI-5304454993
230. Cover,switch Box WCI-5304454994
234. Control Box,switch Board WCI-5304454995
274. Fuse Box WCI-5304455009
329. Bracket,support Plate WCI-5304455008
332. Cover,blower ,duct Connector WCI-5304455007
407. Bracket,blower Support WCI-5304454997
472. Bracket,canopy WCI-5304455014
477. Cover,terminal ,transformer WCI-5304455000
F110. Gasket,canopy Seal ,2.02 Meters WCI-5304465887
F110. Gasket,canopy Seal ,1100 Mm WCI-5304465888
F14. Capacitor,motor WCI-5304454900
F166. Control Board,printed Circuit WCI-5304454991
F208. Transformer WCI-5304455011
F220. Switch Assembly,controls WCI-5304455383
F225. Control,switch Board ,with Trim WCI-5304454952
F474. Housing,lamp Receptacle WCI-5304454999
F48. Motor,blower WCI-5304454956
F49. Blower Wheel,fan WCI-5304454957
F76. Canopy,hood ,glass WCI-5304455013
F86. Discharge Collar,damper WCI-5304454974
F9. Filter,grease ,aluminum ,washable WCI-5304454899
FNI. Fuse,5 X 20 Mm ,4 Amp ,125 V WCI-5304455332
NI. Installation Kit,mtg. Hardware WCI-5304455015
NI. Fuse Holder WCI-5304455333
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Filter #WCI-5304454899 Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304454956
Frigidaire Filter #WCI-5304454899
Our Price: $202.88
Sale Price: 169.07
You save $33.81!
Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304454956
Our Price: $394.07
Sale Price: 328.39
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Frigidaire Control Board #WCI-5304454991 Frigidaire Canopy #WCI-5304455013
Frigidaire Control Board #WCI-5304454991
Our Price: $425.81
Sale Price: 354.84
You save $70.97!
Frigidaire Canopy #WCI-5304455013
Our Price: $533.14
Sale Price: 444.28
You save $88.86!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Installation Kit #WCI-5304455015 Frigidaire Chimney #WCI-5304455019
Frigidaire Installation Kit #WCI-5304455015
Our Price: $179.95
Sale Price: 149.96
You save $29.99!
Frigidaire Chimney #WCI-5304455019
Our Price: $854.32
Sale Price: 711.93
You save $142.39!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Switch Assembly #WCI-5304455383 Frigidaire Control #WCI-5304454952
Frigidaire Switch Assembly #WCI-5304455383
Our Price: $267.54
Sale Price: 222.95
You save $44.59!
Frigidaire Control #WCI-5304454952
Our Price: $166.44
Sale Price: 138.70
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Frigidaire Control Box #WCI-5304454953 Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304454957
Frigidaire Control Box #WCI-5304454953
Our Price: $105.98
Sale Price: 88.32
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Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304454957
Our Price: $165.83
Sale Price: 138.19
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Currently Unavailable Usually ships within 7 days