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Frigidaire FRS124YW10

Frigidaire FRS124YW10
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Frigidaire FRS124YW10

2. Front Assembly,complete Panel ,with 3,38,39 WCI-5304482784
3. Frame,front Assembly WCI-5304482785
5. Support,evaporator WCI-5304482775
7. Bushing,louver Shaft ,right WCI-5304482906
8. Grille,air Vent WCI-5304482783
12. Bushing,louver Shaft ,left WCI-5304482905
14. O`ring,bearing ,gasket/seal WCI-5304482778
16. Drain Plug,drip Tray WCI-5304482805
17. Plate,installation ,wall Mount WCI-5304483235
18. Housing,motor Cover WCI-5304482793
19. Clamp,drain Hose WCI-5304482791
21. Clamp,power Cord WCI-5304483236
22. Casing,rear WCI-5304482773
25. Lever,louver Control ,crank WCI-5304482907
30. Control Box WCI-5304482799
35. Cover,control Box WCI-5304482795
36. Shield,interference ,electrical WCI-5304482796
38. Cover,control Box ,outside WCI-5304482797
39. Cover,screws ,front Assembly WCI-5304482789
40. Panel,front WCI-5304483237
F1. Filter,air ,(2) WCI-5304483233
F10. Louver,vertical ,left ,long WCI-5304482782
F11. Louver,vertical ,right ,short WCI-5304482781
F13. Bearing Block,housing ,w/o`ring WCI-5304482777
F15. Blower Wheel,cross Flow Fan WCI-5304482776
F20. Hose,drain WCI-5304482780
F23. Motor,blower Fan WCI-5304482794
F24. Motor,louver ,horizontal WCI-5304482792
F26. Pc Board,display/input WCI-5304482802
F27. Sensor,ambient Temp ,thermistor WCI-5304459792
F28. Transformer WCI-5304482800
F31. Terminal Block,4-bit WCI-5304482804
F32. Pc Board,main ,control/power WCI-5304483383
F33. Connector,electrical ,jumper WCI-5304483384
F34. Sensor,evaporator Temp ,defrost WCI-5304460537
F37. Remote Control,transmitter WCI-5304482787
F4. Evaporator WCI-5304483234
F6. Louver,horizontal WCI-5304482790
F9. Diffuser,air Vent ,main Louver WCI-5304482779
NI. Holder,remote Control WCI-5304483381
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Evaporator #WCI-5304483234 Frigidaire Casing #WCI-5304482773
Frigidaire Evaporator #WCI-5304483234
Our Price: $287.76
Sale Price: 239.80
You save $47.96!
Frigidaire Casing #WCI-5304482773
Our Price: $144.00
Sale Price: 120.00
You save $24.00!
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Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304482794 Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304483237
Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304482794
Our Price: $116.03
Sale Price: 96.69
You save $19.34!
Frigidaire Panel #WCI-5304483237
Our Price: $151.45
Sale Price: 126.21
You save $25.24!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-5304483383 Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304482776
Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-5304483383
Our Price: $145.33
Sale Price: 121.11
You save $24.22!
Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304482776
Our Price: $64.84
Sale Price: 54.03
You save $10.81!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Front Assembly #WCI-5304482784 Frigidaire Frame #WCI-5304482785
Frigidaire Front Assembly #WCI-5304482784
Our Price: $90.42
Sale Price: 75.35
You save $15.07!
Frigidaire Frame #WCI-5304482785
Our Price: $91.04
Sale Price: 75.87
You save $15.17!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Remote Control #WCI-5304482787 Frigidaire Transformer #WCI-5304482800
Frigidaire Remote Control #WCI-5304482787
Our Price: $98.08
Sale Price: 81.73
You save $16.35!
Frigidaire Transformer #WCI-5304482800
Our Price: $85.57
Sale Price: 71.31
You save $14.26!
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