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Frigidaire FAS185N2A2

Frigidaire FAS185N2A2
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Frigidaire FAS185N2A2

1. Rail,cabinet Bottom ,rear WCI-5304414097
2. Grille,rear Panel ,aluminum WCI-5304408741
3. Cabinet,wrapper/sleeve WCI-309623906
4. Bracket-sash Lock WCI-5303211056
5. Rail,cabinet Top ,front WCI-5304414116
6. Retainer,shutter Mount ,cabinet Side WCI-5304414933
7. Shutter,accordion Panel ,rh/lh ,window Closure WCI-309645602
8. Frame,shutter ,gray ,rh ,extension WCI-5304426346
9. Rail,cabinet Bottom ,front WCI-5304416310
13. Base,compressor Mtg. ,with Studs WCI-309632910
14. Shroud,cond Fan Motor WCI-309623201
15. Tray,evap Drip WCI-309623501
19. Cover,blower Wheel ,top WCI-309630302
20. Bulkhead,control System WCI-309623602
21. Bulkhead,air System WCI-309623403
22. Grommet-motor, (3) WCI-5300105402
23. Screw,indt Hex Head ,10-16 ,(3) WCI-5303317224
24. Frame,cabinet Front WCI-309900101
25. Louver,horizontal WCI-309900301
26. Housing,blower Scroll WCI-309630102
28. Plate,scroll Cover WCI-309630203
30. Panel,front Grille WCI-309900201
31. Handle,vent Opener WCI-309900601
32. Filter,micro-biologic ,framed WCI-309639001
33. Detent,vent Handle WCI-309902801
34. Door,vent ,with Actuator WCI-309321402
35. Overlay,control Display WCI-309901703
36. Enclosure,input Pcb ,control Panel WCI-309900501
38. Hardware,pcb Support WCI-5304413781
39. Control Box WCI-309630404
41. Grommet,wire Protector WCI-309111201
42. Louver,vertical WCI-309904601
44. Wheel,louver Adjuster WCI-309900401
46. Holder,thermistor Clip ,5/16`` WCI-5304413782
47. Strap,capacitor Mtg. WCI-5303303708
52. Nut,expansion Type WCI-5303302254
65. Bracket,cab Support ,rh WCI-5304414105
66. Support,angle Bracket ,window Sill Mt. WCI-3001815
67. Bracket,cab Support ,lh WCI-5304414932
68. Frame,shutter ,gray ,lh ,extension WCI-5304426345
F10. Overload Protector WCI-5304432854
F11. Compressor WCI-5304471009
F12. Condenser WCI-5303306719
F16. Evaporator WCI-309634203
F17. Fan Blade,with Clamp WCI-5304422465
F18. Motor,fan ,1 Speed WCI-5304468900
F27. Blower Wheel,plastic ,with Clamp WCI-309633001
F29. Remote Control,transmitter WCI-309902202
F37. Pc Board,input/display WCI-309901601
F40. Ionizer WCI-309900701
F43. Pc Board,power ,230 V ,variable Speed WCI-309901501
F45. Capacitor,450 V ,35+6 Mfd WCI-5304426451
F48. Power Cord,elect W/lcdi ,16 Awg ,230 V ,type C WCI-309343134
F49. Sensor,thermistor ,ambient Temp WCI-309201602
F50. Sensor,thermistor ,evap Defrost WCI-309201603
F51. Manifold Assembly,with Rings WCI-309330504
F57. Tube,discharge ,copper WCI-309371701
F58. Tube,suction ,copper WCI-309377701
F59. Tube,capillary ,copper ,top ,formed WCI-309377901
F60. Tube,capillary ,copper ,bottom ,formed WCI-309377801
F61. Fitting,reducer .313 Od ,.114/.117 Id ,copper Tube WCI-309111002
F62. Strainer WCI-5303290357
F64. Tube,process ,copper WCI-5304426970
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Condenser #WCI-5303306719 Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304468900
Frigidaire Condenser #WCI-5303306719
Our Price: $610.63
Sale Price: 508.86
You save $101.77!
Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304468900
Our Price: $335.83
Sale Price: 279.86
You save $55.97!
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Frigidaire Compressor #WCI-5304471009 Frigidaire Power Cord #WCI-309343134
Frigidaire Compressor #WCI-5304471009
Our Price: $479.93
Sale Price: 399.94
You save $79.99!
Frigidaire Power Cord #WCI-309343134
Our Price: $151.75
Sale Price: 126.46
You save $25.29!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-309623201 Frigidaire Cabinet #WCI-309623906
Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-309623201
Our Price: $173.40
Sale Price: 144.50
You save $28.90!
Frigidaire Cabinet #WCI-309623906
Our Price: $211.38
Sale Price: 176.15
You save $35.23!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Base #WCI-309632910 Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-309901501
Frigidaire Base #WCI-309632910
Our Price: $153.80
Sale Price: 128.17
You save $25.63!
Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-309901501
Our Price: $106.34
Sale Price: 88.62
You save $17.72!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Remote Control #WCI-309902202 Frigidaire Capacitor #WCI-5304426451
Frigidaire Remote Control #WCI-309902202
Our Price: $128.93
Sale Price: 107.44
You save $21.49!
Frigidaire Capacitor #WCI-5304426451
Our Price: $118.98
Sale Price: 99.15
You save $19.83!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days