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Frigidaire FAH08EN1T

Frigidaire FAH08EN1T
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Frigidaire FAH08EN1T

1. Strap,capacitor Mtg. WCI-5303303708
15. Enclosure,input Pcb ,control Panel WCI-309200201
17No.. Pwr Cord,w/test/reset ,14awg ,115v ,w/test Reset WCI-309343129
2. Pc Board,power ,115 V WCI-309201002
3. Screen,safety ,wire Mesh ,cabinet Rear WCI-309636101
4. Partition,shroud,galv-steel WCI-309629001
5. Baffle-air WCI-309335201
6. Tube,discharge WCI-309202101
7. Support,control Box WCI-309203101
18. Base,compressor Mt. ,with Studs WCI-309632007
19. Tray,evap Base WCI-309628704
23. Holder,thermistor Clip ,3/8 Inch ,with Seal WCI-08017123
24. Clip,filter ,deflector WCI-309205001
25. Panel,front Grille WCI-309200101
26. Overlay,control Display WCI-309201402
28. Baffle-splash/motor WCI-309335001
29. Filter,air ,molded Plastic ,grey WCI-309628204
30. Louver-vertical WCI-309628104
31. Louver,horizontal WCI-309629304
32. Link,vertical Louver ,with Handle WCI-309324004
33. Shield,heat ,20.94 L ,base WCI-309629502
34. Shield,elec. Heater ,vertical WCI-309633401
36. Scroll Plate WCI-309625501
37. Clamp,blower Wheel Mt ,compression WCI-309112101
38. Blower Wheel WCI-309631701
39. Scroll WCI-309622802
40. Bulkhead WCI-309627401
41. Grommet,wire Protector WCI-309111201
44. Control Box WCI-309200301
47. Shroud,fan WCI-309628901
48. Cover,fan ,top WCI-309628802
49. Trim,frame ,side WCI-309628603
50. Cabinet,wrapper WCI-309627504
51. Trim,frame ,top & Bottom WCI-309628604
F10. Overload Protector WCI-309205101
F11. Compressor Assembly,w/electricals ,115 V,& Mtg Grommets WCI-309260301
F12. Tube,capillary WCI-309372301
F13. Pc Board,input/display WCI-309201301
F14. Tube,suction WCI-309202201
F16. Tube,anti Gurgle WCI-309337001
F17. Pwr Cord,w/o Test/reset ,14 Awg ,115 V ,type A WCI-309343129
F21. Valve-water,drain WCI-309363601
F22. Condenser WCI-309641901
F27. Remote Control,transmitter ,with Batteries WCI-5304459455
F35. Heater,1250 W ,115 V WCI-309627006
F42. Motor,fan ,3 Speed WCI-309647503
F43. Fan Blade WCI-309629102
F45. Relay,electric Heater ,115 V WCI-5304468821
F46. Capacitor,250 V ,35+10 Mfd WCI-5304426823
F8. Tube,process ,cond. Outlet WCI-5304413933
F9. Evaporator WCI-309632303
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Heater #WCI-309627006 Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-309201002
Frigidaire Heater #WCI-309627006
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Frigidaire Pc Board #WCI-309201002
Our Price: $178.10
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Frigidaire Valve #WCI-309363601 Frigidaire Scroll #WCI-309622802
Frigidaire Valve #WCI-309363601
Our Price: $127.12
Sale Price: 105.93
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Frigidaire Scroll #WCI-309622802
Our Price: $111.16
Sale Price: 92.63
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Frigidaire Scroll Plate #WCI-309625501 Frigidaire Bulkhead #WCI-309627401
Frigidaire Scroll Plate #WCI-309625501
Our Price: $143.74
Sale Price: 119.78
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Frigidaire Bulkhead #WCI-309627401
Our Price: $114.34
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Frigidaire Cabinet #WCI-309627504 Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-309628901
Frigidaire Cabinet #WCI-309627504
Our Price: $151.85
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Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-309628901
Our Price: $102.53
Sale Price: 85.44
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Frigidaire Shield #WCI-309633401 Frigidaire Motor #WCI-309647503
Frigidaire Shield #WCI-309633401
Our Price: $109.81
Sale Price: 91.51
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Frigidaire Motor #WCI-309647503
Our Price: $114.73
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