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Frigidaire FAA065T7A11

Frigidaire FAA065T7A11
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Frigidaire FAA065T7A11

2. Panel,front Grille ,tilt-out WCI-5304477122
4. Frame,front Assembly WCI-5304477123
12. Cover,electrical Box WCI-5304477053
16. Strap,capacitor Clamp WCI-5304471203
19. Control Box WCI-5304476551
27. Scroll,blower Housing ,bottom WCI-5304476557
28. Scroll,blower Housing ,middle WCI-5304476558
29. Scroll,blower Housing ,top WCI-5304476559
35. Shroud,condenser/fan WCI-5304483090
36. Rail,bottom WCI-5304483179
37. Base,unit Chassis WCI-5304483180
38. Cabinet,wrapper/sleeve WCI-5304477129
39. Rail,shutter Track ,top WCI-5304477130
40. Screw Kit,top Rail Mount WCI-5304472191
41. Retainer,shutter ,cabinet Sides WCI-5304472236
42. Window Filler Kit,slider Panels WCI-5304472235
43. Hardware,mounting ,screws/locks WCI-5304472192
44. Seal Kit,foam ,sash Filler WCI-5304472211
F1. Front Assembly,complete Panel WCI-5304472233
F10. Pc Board,display/input WCI-5304476888
F11. Wire,connector ,pc Boards WCI-5304482531
F13. Pc Board,main ,control/power WCI-5304476889
F14. Sensor,evap Temp ,thermistor WCI-5304471275
F15. Sensor,ambient Temp ,thermistor WCI-5304476053
F17. Capacitor,compressor WCI-5304476074
F20. Evaporator,with Cap Tube WCI-5304483095
F21. Tube,capillary WCI-5304483096
F22. Compressor,with Overload WCI-5304476073
F23. Overload Protector,compressor WCI-5304476301
F24. Tube,suction WCI-5304476565
F25. Tube,discharge WCI-5304483178
F26. Condenser WCI-5304483098
F3. Filter,air WCI-5304472234
F30. Blower Wheel,centrifugal WCI-5304476051
F31. Motor,fan WCI-5304476050
F32. Fan Blade,axial Flow WCI-5304483089
F45. Drier-filter WCI-5304476367
F5. Louver,vertical WCI-5304477124
F6. Louver,horizontal WCI-5304477125
F7. Power Cord,electric ,lcdi WCI-5304476903
F8. Remote Control,transmitter WCI-5304471273
F9. Control Panel,with Overlay WCI-5304477126
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304476050 Frigidaire Compressor #WCI-5304476073
Frigidaire Motor #WCI-5304476050
Our Price: $191.63
Sale Price: 159.69
You save $31.94!
Frigidaire Compressor #WCI-5304476073
Our Price: $435.72
Sale Price: 363.10
You save $72.62!
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Frigidaire Capacitor #WCI-5304476074 Frigidaire Evaporator #WCI-5304483095
Frigidaire Capacitor #WCI-5304476074
Our Price: $415.97
Sale Price: 346.64
You save $69.33!
Frigidaire Evaporator #WCI-5304483095
Our Price: $190.51
Sale Price: 158.76
You save $31.75!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Condenser #WCI-5304483098 Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-5304483090
Frigidaire Condenser #WCI-5304483098
Our Price: $229.03
Sale Price: 190.86
You save $38.17!
Frigidaire Shroud #WCI-5304483090
Our Price: $116.54
Sale Price: 97.12
You save $19.42!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Remote Control #WCI-5304471273 Frigidaire Front Assembly #WCI-5304472233
Frigidaire Remote Control #WCI-5304471273
Our Price: $79.42
Sale Price: 66.18
You save $13.24!
Frigidaire Front Assembly #WCI-5304472233
Our Price: $94.01
Sale Price: 78.34
You save $15.67!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days
Frigidaire Window Filler Kit #WCI-5304472235 Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304476051
Frigidaire Window Filler Kit #WCI-5304472235
Our Price: $97.07
Sale Price: 80.89
You save $16.18!
Frigidaire Blower Wheel #WCI-5304476051
Our Price: $60.35
Sale Price: 50.29
You save $10.06!
Usually ships within 7 days Usually ships within 7 days