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Cartridge Filter SV-9030411
Collection Bag SV-9066211



01. Handle SV-3751036
02. Switch Button - I SV-7414202
03. Switch Button - O SV-7414210
04. Motor Cover Assembly SV-2432123
05. Screw 10 x ¾' Trilobe, Twin Lead SV-1517699
06. Power Unit Assembly SV-8120597
07. Float SV-3545000
08. Lid Latch SV-7441600
09. Lid Cage and Latch Assembly SV-1944870
10. Tool Holder SV-8412001
11. Cartridge Filter SV-9030411
12. Filter Retainer SV-3008000
13. Collection Bag SV-9066211
14. Inlet Deflector SV-7413100
15. Tank Assembly SV-1944871
16. Caster Foot A SV-8568001
17. Caster Foot B SV-8568011
18. Caster SV-6771200
19. Screw 10 x ¾' SL Hex Head SV-1503999
20. Drain Cover SV-7446801

-xx. = Not shown on schematic.

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Shop-Vac Holder, Bag Lm500 Shop-Vac Retainer, Filter
Shop-Vac Holder, Bag Lm500 #SV-7413100
List Price $12.05
Sale Price 10.04
You save $2.01!
Shop-Vac Retainer, Filter #SV-3008000
List Price $8.15
Sale Price 6.79
You save $1.36!
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Shop-Vac Drain Cover, 85L450 Shop-Vac Screw, Castor Dolly Lb650
Shop-Vac Drain Cover, 85L450 #SV-7446801
List Price $4.30
Sale Price 3.58
You save $0.72!
Shop-Vac Screw, Castor Dolly Lb650 #SV-1503999
List Price $4.21
Sale Price 3.51
You save $0.70!
Usually ships within 3 days Usually ships within 3 days