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Dyson DC14 Clear Bin Maintenance and Replacement.

Your Dyson DC14 traps pollen, dust, dirt, fibers, and anything else on your floors in the Clear Bin. Cleaning your Cyclone vents and your dust cup is an important part of maintaining your machine. Without proper ventilation and emptying, your machine will fail to operate as effectively as it should. The clear bin is assembled with very durable materials, but sometimes accidents happen, and you may need to replace the bin.

This guide will show you how to maintain, and how to replace your clear bin if needed.

1. Removing the clear bin

Using the small clear bin latch
(A) remove the bin.
2. Cleaning Cyclone Vents

Wipe down the Cyclone vents
which allow air circulation.
3. Washing the clear bin

Using cool water, rinse the bin
without any cleaning products.
4. Re-attaching the bin

Re-assemble the bin assembly
by placing the cyclone on the bin.
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5. Re-attaching the bin

Push down until you hear a
positive click to ensure a
proper seal.

If you have any questions about maintaining your Dyson DC14, or replacement parts. Don't hesitate to contact us at or 866-243-2721