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Whirlpool KPED890T

Whirlpool KPED890T
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Whirlpool KPED890T

. List, Repair Parts WPL-LIT4174276
. Instructions, Installation WPL-LIT3177298
1. Power Unit Complete Model Kped890t (exterior) WPL-
2. Roof Mounting Kit (dome Cover And Flashing) WPL-4173296
5. Motor (includes Capacitor & Cap) WPL-4173414
6. Fan, Motor WPL-4173415
7. Cover, Motor (wall Mount) WPL-4173417
8. Impeller WPL-4173416
9. Plate, Adaptor (with Damper) WPL-4173456
10. Housing, (not Serviceable) WPL-N/A
11. Housing, (not Serviceable) WPL-N/A
13. 9`` Elbow (not Included, Purchase Locally) WPL-
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.