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ProTeam FF107499 FreeFlex

ProTeam FF107499 FreeFlex Cordless / Corded Upright Vacuum
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ProTeam FF107499 FreeFlex

1. Four-Layer Intercept Micro Synthetic Filter, Fits Freeflex (10 Pk.) PT-107502
2. Upper Service Assembly PT-510657
3. On-Off-On Switch PT-840495
4. Screw Mach M5 PT-835348
5. Aluminum Tube Handle PT-510425
6. Carry Handle Assembly PT-510427
8. Foam Filter Bag Housing PT-840386
9. Aluminum Handle Mount Bracket PT-840414
10. Filter Mount Brackets Assembly PT-510433
11. Filter Mount Pivot Bracket PT-840509
12. Bottom Filter Plate Assembly PT-510434
13. Bag Switch Detect PT-510654
14. Debris Tube PT-840499
15. Screw M3 Cs Pan Hd PT-840506
16. Iec Connector Plug Assembly PT-510430
17. Battery Mount Plates Assembly PT-510429
18. Power Cord PT-840377
20. Debris Tube Brackets Assembly PT-510428
21. Debris Tube Clamp Assembly PT-510431
22. Debris Tube Brackets PT-510655
23. Base Cover Assembly For Freeflex PT-510437
24. Motor Cover PT-510661
25. Motor Cover Assembly For Freeflex PT-510420
26. Blower Motor PT-510664
27. Blower Housing Assembly PT-510435
28. Blower Wheel Assembly PT-510416
29. Screw M4 Pan Hd PT-835345-1
30. Motor Assembly PT-510415
31. Inlet Nozzle PT-510658
32. Pivot Bracket PT-510656
33. Right Pivot Bracet Assembly PT-510418
34. Left Pivot Bracket Assembly PT-510417
35. Pivot Brack Clamp Assembly PT-510421
36. Main Control Board PT-840490
37. Side Base Upright Bumper PT-840070
38. Base With Right Wheels PT-510662
39. Rear Wheel Shaft Assembly PT-510414
40. Rear Wheel Assembly PT-841324
41. Power Nozzle Base PT-840369
42. Wheel/Axle Replacement Kit PT-834363
43. Foot Pedal PT-510659
44. Foot Pedal PT-840475
45. Foot Pedal Shaft Assembly PT-510422
47. Screw M3 Pan Hd PT-835937
48. Brush Release Button Assembly PT-510424
49. Brush Removal Cover Service Assembly PT-841325
50. Brush Roller Assembly PT-840167
51. Clutch Asm Service PT-841814
52. Belt 168Xl037 PT-841744
53. Drive Brush PT-510663
54. Rear Base Plate Assembly PT-510423
55. Base Wire Brace, Set Of 3 PT-840194
56. Squeegee Blade PT-840191
57. Front Plate Assembly PT-841323
58. Front Rear Plates PT-510660
59. Front Base Upright Bumper PT-840069
xx. Screw Assortment PT-510432
xx. Gasket Assortment PT-510436
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.