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Maintain Your Vacuum

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Now that your vacuum is running well, it is the perfect time to make sure it stays that wayةtӳ so much easier to maintain a piece of equipment than fix it when itӳ broken! Here at VacPartsWarehouse, we see machines that are 20+ years old on a regular basis, it just takes a little t.l.c. to keep your machine running efficiently and effectively.

With just a few minutes a month, you can guarantee your machine is going to last years to come. Hereӳ a quick Vacuum Maintenance Checklist that should help you maintain your machine:

Vacuum Maintenance Checklist

1. Check Your Filter:

Every vacuum has filtration. Some vacuums use water, but most use traditional filters. After a month or two, these filters can become congested, stealing the cleaning power from your machine, and ultimately taking longer to vacuum or scrub your carpets with every use. Filters are easy to find, so crack open your machine and take a peek. Some filters are washable; use a little warm water to rinse them out, and make sure they dry thoroughly before using again, if the filter is still damp it can ruin your vacuum!

Need a new one:
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2. Check your Bags:

If your machine uses bags, make sure youӲe only filling them about 2/3rd full. If a bag gets overfilled, your machine will fail to pick up all the debris, indoor pollutants, hair, fibers, etc. on your floors. Make sure you have at least a couple on hand, just in case your neighbor Bob wants to borrow your machine to vacuum his Saint Bernard, Walter.

Need more bags:
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3. Howӳ that belt?:

Belts are designed to wear out over time. Once the belt becomes loose, it will no longer turn the brush-roll like it once did. Typically, with normal use, belts should be replaced every year or so. But sometimes you can make it much longer on the same one. Have an extra, just in case it breaks, because you donӴ want to have to wait a few days to get one in the mail. Itӳ typically quite a bit cheaper to order a couple so you can save on shipping.

Need a backup belt:
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4. Does your brush-roll look like Chewbacca?:

You need to keep that sucker clean. Over time, if your brush-roll stays congested, the fibers can work their way into the bearings of the brush-roll, overheat it, and then it will have to be replaced. With just a couple minutes every month or two, just sit down with a razorblade, and gently cut away excess hairs and fibers. Over time, the bristles on your brush-roll will fray and break. So make sure itӳ still connecting with the floor well. If itӳ not, itӳ a relatively inexpensive part to replace.

5. Take it Easy on that Motor:

Without proper maintenance, your machine may have to overwork to compensate for poor performance. Proper ventilation, tight belts, and free-moving brush-rolls are the best way to ensure your motor isnӴ having to pick up the slack. Motors can be replaced as well, but I assume youӤ rather just cut away some fibers every once in a while instead, right?

If you have any questions about maintaining your machine, we'd be happy to help! Feel free to contact us at or call us at 866-243-2721