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Inter-Fab Techni-Spring (Fiberglass Base)
Model: Inter-fab Techni-Spring Fiberglass Base Dive System Add to My Gear

Inter-Fab Techni-Spring (Fiberglass Base)

1. Dive Board,Inter-Fab Techni-Beam,6Ft, Wht W/Top Tread, Hdwr TB6WW
1. Dive Board,Inter-Fab Techni-Beam,8Ft,Wht W/Top Tread, Hdwr TB8WW
1. Dive Board,Inter-Fab Techni-Beam,6Ft,Blue W/Top Tread, Hdwr TB6BW
1. Dive Board,Inter-Fab Techni-Beam,8Ft,Blue W/Top Tread,Hdwr TB8BW
1. Dive Board, Inter-Fab Olympian, 6Ft, Wht W/Top Tread, Hdwr OLY6WW
1. Dive Board, Inter-Fab Olympian, 8Ft, Wht W/Top Tread, Hdwr OLY8WW
1. Dive Board, Inter-Fab Olympian, 6Ft, Blue W/Top Tread,Hdwr OLY6BW
1. Dive Board, Inter-Fab Olympian, 8Ft, Blue W/Top Tread, Hdwr OLY8BW
3. Spring Assy,Inter-Fab Techni-Spring, 6Ft, W/Hardware,White TSS-6
3. Spring Assy,Inter-Fab Techni-Spring, 8Ft, W/Hardware,White TSS-8
4. Mount Kit,Inter-Fab Techni-Spring,Spring To Fbrgls Base,Ss TSF-M
5. Stand,Inter-Fab Techni-Spring,Fiberglass, W/Jig,Hardware TSBF
6. Mounting Kit,Inter-Fab,Techni-Spring, Base To Jig, Ss TS-BK
7. Mounting Jig, Inter-Fab Techni-Spring Fbrgls Base, W/Bolts TSF-J
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.