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Frigidaire PLHV36W7KC

Frigidaire PLHV36W7KC
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Frigidaire PLHV36W7KC

8. Support,motor WCI-5304425238
14. Housing,blower Fan WCI-5304425239
41. Panel,control WCI-5304425266
44. Button,control WCI-5304425267
56. Chimney,exhaust Duct ,lower Extension ,fixed WCI-5304425270
57. Chimney,exhaust Duct ,upper Extension ,sliding WCI-5304425271
85. Bracket,hood Support ,rear ,u-hook WCI-5304425273
87. Duct,air Exhaust ,connector WCI-5304425254
92. Control Box WCI-5304425274
97. Bracket,chimney Support ,rear WCI-5304425275
98. Cover,switch WCI-5304425276
125. Cover,plaque ,glass WCI-5304425277
138. Canopy,glass WCI-5304425278
422. Screw,canopy Mtg ,m6 X 20 ,glass Clamping WCI-5304425280
472. Gasket,canopy Seal ,rubber WCI-5304425281
517. Washer,hood Mtg Screw WCI-5304425282
F19. Capacitor WCI-5304425240
F23. Filter,range Hood ,framed Grid WCI-5304425264
F31. Lamp,g-4 ,20 W ,12 V ,with Holder WCI-5304425265
F48. Switch,control Circuit WCI-5304425268
F49. Control,printed Circuit ,pcb WCI-5304425269
F6. Blower Wheel,fan WCI-5304425236
F7. Motor,blower Fan WCI-5304425237
F84. Ballast,lamp ,transformer WCI-5304425272
NI. Nameplate WCI-218395401
-xx. = Not shown on schematic.
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Frigidaire Filter #WCI-5304425264 Frigidaire Chimney #WCI-5304425270
Frigidaire Filter #WCI-5304425264
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Frigidaire Chimney #WCI-5304425270
Our Price: $421.19
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Frigidaire Nameplate #WCI-218395401
Frigidaire Nameplate #WCI-218395401
Our Price: $72.58
Sale Price: $54.45
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